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I am in Australia and have recently been prescribed oil. It is 10/10 i.e. 10 miligrams THC/ 10 Milligrams CBD. I am only on a starter dose of 0.25 mil.

My question is, does anyone know what plants they predominantly use, i.e. Indica/Sativa/Hybrid and does it have the same effects when made into oil. I thought I read somewhere because it is made pharmacutical wise that it may not contain everything you would normally have if you made it yourself.

That is the long running plan. To make a daytime Sativa Oil, then a knockout Indica for the night time.

At the moment I am having positive results pain wise, but it take the energy out of me and makes me sleepy giving my thoughts towards Indica Plants.


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Indica nails pain but sleepy tends to come with indica, sativas are more up and daytime use but not nearly as effective on pain. No idea of whether their oil contains sativas, indicas or hybrids. But in the oil threads here I see most successful users make separate oils and then either blend them or for example they take 2 droppers of indica for pain relief and 1 dropper of sativa to help stay boosted for the day. You will probably need to experiment quite a bit to find the sweet spot.
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