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Phenotype or what? Help


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Hey all in quiet new here so was kinda just hoping to post in (what I think) is the right place... We'll see lol

Anyways I'd just like to share this thought to come up with a possible conclusion.

Basically.... I have 5 strains currently 6 weeks in today...

1 Lemon Haze - cut, not sure if it's SLH or just LH

2 Northern lights
2 Chocolate mint OG's

Everything's going fine except the lemon haze has began to litterally take on all the characteristics of the northern lights and I mean all characteristics except for the smell, really does smell like lemon etc..

Back in veg I originally had 11 lemon haze I kept 4 out of those and used 1..

6 of the others have been grown elsewhere and they look completely different to mines.. they look like green spear heads and super frosty and what you'd expect from a hazey' stretchy branch and buds.... While mines look nothing like that, but the smell is super lemony' I've added 2 pics.. first one is the lemonH and second one is the northernL



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