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Philadelphia - Group Petitions House Majority Leader To Consider Medical Marijuana

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With only five days left in this legislative session a Philadelphia group is urging members of the house to consider a bill that would legalize medical marijuana. Members of The National Organization of the Reform of Marijuana Laws, Philadelphia Chapter, held a press conference at the State Capitol in Harrisburg to gather support and present a petition to House Majority Leader, Representative Mike Turzai. "Put medical cannabis legislation on the house agenda immediately," said Derek Rozenweig who is a member of The National Organization of the Reform of Marijuana Laws.

"Should people be criminally prosecuted for taking marijuana for health related reason? I think the answer is no," said Representative Mark Cohen, Democratic Chair of the State Government Committee. He supports medical marijuana. He expects the bill to pass out of committee and possibly go up for consideration in the House sometime this week. The plan has his vote, but whether it will pass, he isn't sure. "I honestly don't know what's going to happen. I think a lot of people recognize that the time to legalize medical marijuana has come," said Rep. Cohen.

"The urgency of the situation is I think becoming clear to members of the House," said State Senator Daylin Leach. He co-sponsored the medical marijuana legislation that passed in the Senate. He cautions members of the House against amending the bill. "We have a bill that was a huge progress, but parts that are also modest. I think we can build on that in future legislative sessions but I think if we are going to get this done this year, it's got to be our bill," said Senator Daylin Leach.

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