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Phnom Penh - Smoke Report

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Phnom Penh

Updated: 29/05/05

Smoking tolerance level [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4.5

Legislation: Technically smoking pot is illegal in cambodia. However given that the cambodians use it in cooking, restaurants use it on pizzas, and corruption is rampant it generally is not a problem so long as your sensible. Remember this is a very poor country, and people may be desperate for a sale or (other extreme) split a bribe..

Law Enforcement: As long as you're sensible, no problem. Ask other travellers about the situation at the time. In my experience good deals could be had from the police in the street!

Where to buy Marijuana in Phnom Penh, Cambodia : It will generally find you first. Guesthouses, other travellers, moto drivers are first ports of call. Women sell in the markets.

Another reporter added: "You can almost always buy weed in the backpacker's district, or by the lake side. as you make your way towards the restraunts on the water's edge, you will most likely be confronted by 2 or 3 men asking you "you want joint?" by joint they just mean weed. prices go about 2$ for a decent bag. if you pay them more they will remember your kindness and deliver to parties or to city addresses for you"

Phnom Penh Marijuana Prices: US $2 for a decent bag, must bargain, so talk to other travellers

Phnom Penh Marijuana brands: The grass can be seedy and stemmy, so seek the better stuff.

Country: Cambodia

Time Zone: UTC/GMT +7 hours
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