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Photo of the Month: Jan 2018
Hello everyone, I am making my first full grow attempt. After using this place for research, I decided to register and make a journal as well. Loads of great knowledge here. In this first post I will use the template provided then a follow up with progress and pictures.

What strain is it? No idea. Bag seeds from different sources.
Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Veg.
If in Veg... For how long? Until they reach the the maximum height my cabinet can support without burning them.
Indoor or outdoor? Indoor cabinet.
Soil or Hydro? I have Soil as my main. I am using an AeroGrow to boost seedlings growth then transplanting them to dirt before to many roots appear.
If soil... what is in your mix? Miracle Grow potting mix. Will consider getting primo dirt for the next rotation.
If soil... What size pot? I have two, two gallon pots.
Size of light? 300w ViparSpectra
Is it aircooled? yes
Temp of Room/cab? 78f-85f depending on the time of day.
Any Pests ? None yet.
How often are you watering? I am using a combination of wicking (seems silly, but is a reserve incase I forget). Along with the hefting method, to determine how much they need.
Type and strength of ferts used? None yet, though I have the Fox Farm trio in my Amazon Prime basket.

The Goods
Bucket Size - 2 gallon
Medium - Soil, Miracle Grow potting mix.
Lights - 300w Vipar Spectra Reflector series.
Nutrients - Fox Farm trio soon.
Strain(s) - Bag seeds from different sources.
# of Plants: 2 in veg, 5 seedlings.
Yield : TBD....



Photo of the Month: Jan 2018
I have been lurking the forums for a few months and have a medium sized stealth setup. 2 bag seeds, each in a gallon and a half of dirt. They started life in an Aerogrow, and were recently transplanted due to concerns over space.

I have been using a combination of 4 26w CFL and LED bulbs with adapters for a wall socket. I just received a VIPARSPECTRA 300w from the reflector series. Set it up and removed the other lights due to heat issues.

I currently only have 2 8cm pc fans zip tied together in a tunnel, as an exhaust. I also have 2 8cm pc fans circulating air in cabinet. I have made yeast bombs for C02 production. I may invest in an Exhale C02 bag from amazon.

I will be needing to upgrade cooling system and build an active carbon scrubber soon.



Photo of the Month: Jan 2018
I have begun to train and have trimmed them. I should have three main arms on one, and six on the other. I have some seeds germinating in a retainer dish, each seed wrapped in cotton pads. Some seedlings are in the jiffy hut, about to move to the aerogrow. There is a yeast bomb producing CO2.



Photo of the Month: Jan 2018
I have added some hydroponic substrate rocks to help cover the base of the stem. Added training loops to the other arms on Thing 1. The two liter bottles have some seedlings along with wicks in them. I forgot to mention that the seedling all have beds in Rapid Rooters.

I also forgot to mention that I am keeping them on a 20 hour cycle. One that shuts off every 6/7 hours for an hour and a half to let the poor LEDs rest. Please let me know if this should be corrected for veg state. I have also added a bit of foil in the important areas. I had trouble centering my camera so some pictures don't have any other purpose than that they were in focus.



Photo of the Month: Jan 2018

I have dropped my light two inches, and ensured that cooling is adequate for the time being. Which means adding loads of messy cabling and fan rigging. This will be replaced very soon by a pair of 200mm pc case fans from Cooler Master and a robust power supply and modular pcb. No more splicing and heatshrink! The whine of the smaller diameter fans and excess heat are soon to be foot notes.:27:





The Vipar Spectra 300w reflector series LED is very impressive on light output. Not advertising, just confirming that I have had no troubles with it yet.:green_heart:

I dug up my old digital camera and tossed some new batteries in it. It's ten years old but takes better photos then my HTC M9 set on RAW. :drool:


*EDIT- I ripped the foil off of the walls. Looking over other journals there were many recommendations to seek other reflective material due to hot spots.


Photo of the Month: Jan 2018
I installed a better cooling system and a carbon filter. Though it wont be very effective, it will help for the time being. I had some clones from an aerogrow plant that died. I ditched them to prevent spread of disease. Some fungus gnats found a home in my pots. They appeared overnight, I suspect they came from fruit left out to long.
I ordered some sticky traps with the fans, hopefully they all die soon. My order got split so the power supply and pcb are on the way. Once they arrive I can remove the rest of excess wiring.:sorry:

I'll be posting updates on vegetative growth periodically. :yummy:

Does anyone ever actually finish building their grow setup? It feels like this is a process that never ends. In a week or two I'll end up with a decent carbon filter. By that time, hopefully they will have reached a foot or so in height so I can switch to 12/12.:36:

So here are a few update pics.
Sticky traps

Dual 120mm High CFM pc exhuast fans with a spacer and carbon filter attachment.

Quick peek at cooling setup, 200mm fan blowing down. Also fans in corners blowing up for circulation.

The shelves that came with the cabinet make good light proofing.

All the lights in both the room and closet off, cabinet on. Almost no light bleed at all, a Pink Floyd blanket covers the rest.[/B]


Photo of the Month: Jan 2018

I have been busy lately so I haven't updated on recent changes.
I have removed all but two 200mm pc fans and setup the modular power supply with a PCB.
I have also invested in a 4" Vivosun grow room fan and a 4" charcaol filter that goes both ways.
After removing the clutter and freeing up all but the two main plants. I decided to go ahead and put a scrog screen down. I was going to make a screen from pvc and paracord. Then while at Lowes I found some plastic fencing that did the trick for 10$. I only needed a 1'x2' section but got 25'.:16:
A heavy defoliation of all non bud producing fan leaves, except the top two tiers on each arm.
I added a daisy chain of splitters to get some new added light on the side of he smaller plant.
46w 2700k CFL, and a 100w eq. 6500k LED bulb.

Since I added the fan/filter the temps stay nominal even with the other lights on.
I have been watering and foliar feeding with a mix of horticulture molasses, epsom salt, and regular liquid concentrate plant food. I haven't had any nute burns, but any advice on feeding is welcome.

Here is some sauce for you.


I also have two backup plants in an AeroGrow/PC stealth case.
Just in case Thing 1 & Thing 2, turn out to be Bruce's. :wood:



Photo of the Month: Jan 2018
Just an update. The box is on 12/12. I have begun to use Microbe Brew, and Kelp me Kelp you, from Fox Farm. The next plants will have 3G Maui Mikes soft pots, aka root pouch.The soil shal be Ocean Forest, along with Grow Big, Big Bloom, and Tiger Bloom when needed. As well as the other nutes. I am considering adding a bit of bonemeal to the soil when I start it.

Pics to come.

Jorgie Nuggz

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Jorgie Nuggz

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Great looking plants, sweet setup, really cool training. It's my first time growing in about 37 years. A friend hooked me up with this video, I'm about to embark on a second experiment to see if this really works. So check this video out hope you find it as interesting as I did.
How to tell if a Marijuana seed is female - YouTube

Jorgie Nuggz

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Hey Bud, I see you're having pest problems, in my travels of doing research I have come across this product "NEEM OIL" it's an organic pesticide, fungicide, and miticide that can be used up until harvest. Here is a video of what to use and how to make your all-around organic insecticidal foliar spray.
Organic Pest Control - End Problems with Bugs Forever in Your Garden - YouTube
now the video talks about using the particular brand but you can use any cold pressed neem oil that can be found on amazon or ebay or even at some organic food stores and use any good quality dish soap like ajax or dawn. Hope this helps.

Jorgie Nuggz

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OK Phobos I like the setup you got with the dual 120 mm high cfm's.


Can you tell me what I would need to setup 2 dual 120 mm high cfm's, aside from the 4 fans. I need you to understand that you are talking to an electronics dummy. I can wire a house from box to receptacle but when it comes to step down voltage electronics, especially computer stuff, you/re talking to an idiot. Also where did you go for the filters. I don't want to go into the crawl space and install an inline and huge carbon filter when all I have is a closet space 34 inches wide 21 inches deep and 7.5 feet high. I can manage the heat via a window A/C, oscillating fans, and 2 dual 120 mm fans on the ceiling exhausting the air. Can you help me with this? I would be greatly appreciative.


Photo of the Month: Jan 2018
Well. My cabinet is an ongoing evolution. The bugs are gone, I just leave the sticky paper in case. These fans have all been removed. With the exception of a pair of 200mm case fans. I did use alot of solder and heat shrink when slapping this together. I elected to just buy a power supply with a splitter for them. So they are now modular or plug and play. The main reason I removed the fans were not due to heat. The smell was to much for the small filter in that picture. The reason I have learned that everyone has the giant inline fans and filters was, "that they work." I slapped my forehead the first time I came home and the smell was everywhere. After the new big filter and fan, smell is gone. Unfortunately for your safety, using pc fans and small filters for the smell wont cut it. They are great for circulation thou.

The plants are females. I just need to get in there during the next light cycle and take some pics. Pistols everywhere! I have seen both videos in other threads in the forums. I use the seed guide to choose my next ones. I only am able to get bag seeds in my state. The neem shall be used if the bugs ever come back. If you have fruit like apples or bananas sitting out in your house toss them or put them in the fridge. The bugs damaged a tomato plant I had waiting for spring in my living room. Which has now gone outback.

Thanks for joining the journey! I am excited for my next grow. Soft pots and Fox Farms for everything!

Jorgie Nuggz

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Well you told me something I already knew, however was unwilling to embrace. Inline fan and large carbon filter is inevitable. was trying not to cut holes in my ceilings. I have 2 bedrooms, 2 closets, no crawl space access. Funny my second bedroom is no bigger than a small storage room. This is where wifey and I keep our dresser and my computer desk and the closet grow space. Thanks for the info, it will not go unheeded. My wife is going to have to go into the crawl space and help me with the hook up and setup as I weigh 400 lbs. LMAO She's not going to like that. The good thing is I'll be able to hook the fan duct work to the roof turbine to dissipate the heat and smell into the atmosphere above the neighbors noses. Thanks again Bro, I'll be keeping up with you see how you're doing and learning from you also. God Bless, Keep it Green, Keep it Growing. Oh yeah about seeds you can google "ILGM" and it will pull up a reputable marijuana site, great information and they also have Fem and Auto seeds. They guarantee shipping and viability and if you buy from them and use BitCoin they give you a discount plus you get free seeds with every purchase.


Photo of the Month: Jan 2018
Update with pics. I uploaded them without marking pistol spots. :tokin: Both luckily are female. I have not named them yet. One has 3 main stalks, the other has 6 I think. I forgot and skimming pics isn't helping. :19:

I found a 4" drain at the store that makes a nice vent and connector for the ducting. The foil tape is for light bleed.

A small sacrifice to the gods. :adore::adore::adore::420:


Photo of the Month: Jan 2018
Update with pics. Added some "reflectix" ie, the unused sun visor from my car. :13:Then raised the led about two inches. :surf:Watered with nutrients. I used Fox Farm wholly mackerel, big bloom, microbrew, and kelp me kelp you. I only used about half the dose per gallon of each. I have done so every water and have not seen any signs of burns or sickness.:morenutes::morenutes::morenutes:


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