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Phosphorus Deficiency? and Bloom Boost?


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Hi all - I could use some advice on this plant:
My best guess is phosphorus deficiency


Strain - bagseed
Soil - Ideal420soil (mineralized), myco-rhizostim
Grow Stage - 6 weeks @ 12/12, after 6 months veg
Bucket Size - 4 Gallon - transplanted from 2gal 1 month ago
Lights - (3) 300 Watt LED, 1 with bloom switch
RH - 30% to 55%
Room Temperature - 70 to 85
Room Square Footage - 4' x 3 scrog, 4'x8' room'
CO2 bag
Small oscillating fan and constant gentle exhaust
Brita filtered tap water - no details known

Ideal420Soil is built to be "Just Add Water", so
I have generally not used nutrients, except:
1/2 strength worm tea every other watering
for the last 2 months.
1 dose Cal/Mag+Iron 5 wks ago
1/4tsp Open Sesame 4 wks ago

Two other plants treated similarly just have normal yellowing of older leaves. These plants have always been very dark green - almost waxy looking - like borderline too much N, and the yellowing just started a couple weeks ago, and got severe in the last week. Also, the buds aren't bulking up very much

So I'm hoping to correct any deficiency, and wondering what I can safely use to plump up the buds and boost resin. My impression is that chemical nutes mess up this kind of soil.

Things I have available are:
GO BioThrive Bloom
GO BioBud
Earth Juice HiBrix Molasses
Organic Gem Liquuid Fish Fert 3-3-0.3
Mag-i-cal Limestone (non K) with Humates
Rock Phosphate
Glacial Rock Dust
Garden Gypsum

Thanks for any suggestions


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Many strains tend to have yellowing shade leaves towards end of flower, I would not treat until you confirm there is a problem.

How often and what is amount of nute strength you have been using?

Plant looks happy! great job slowgro:high-five:
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