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David Bowman

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If you need help with the gallery, please check out the tutorial on how to post photos:
Photo Gallery Guide - How to Resize, Upload & Post Photos

To delete one of your posts, please send a report on the post in question. You can do this by clicking on the triangle with an "!" inside at the very bottom of the post next to "Blog this Post", and report that you want the post deleted.


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Can someone help me all my photos dont go into the gallery in the order I posted them and it often put multiple of the one picture I upload into my gallery it has made updating all my plants so unbearable I tried renaming photos on my phone to no avail and when your in thumbnail view it doesnt give the photos name so its hard to see which plant is which and which are duplicates can someone help ive prob posted in wrong place but had to try sumfin

Richard Richardson

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Hi scottish,

I don't know why certain photos are uploading doubled, but there are drop down-menu selections at bottom of your gallery page, where you can search by date, size, views, etc. If you report the duplicate that you do not use, it will be deleted.

Please report this issue if it arises again :thanks:

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