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PHx HD with Honeycomb filter

this guy

Picked up a new PHX hd bong on friday. It's 18" with the 200 holes honeycomb filter, ice catcher and 1 diffuser. It's kind of a pain to keep ashes out of the honeycomb filter, it needs an ash catcher. This thing hits smooth as hell.



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damn man that must be an incredible hit from that thing :bigtoke:


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my buddy grabbed one up its AMAZING...until he knocked it over and broke the stem. he got it fixed but instead of having a curved stem it runs straight parallel to it...still hits like a champ though:thumb:


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The first time i smoked weed was with my brother and his friend out of this thing. I smoked Blue Dream Chronic and man was i fucked up. i couldnt talk and i could barely walk all i rememer was sitting on the couch eating starbursts and watching star wars
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