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Piña's Gone Posh: 2nd Journal, 1st Tent

Piña Delores

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:420:Summer's on the way out, and like many of you i'm excited to get an indoor grow going. For various reasons I didn't last winter, and it's not going to happen again. :D

The thing is due to changes of circumstances, I'm going to have to do it a bit different (or more like other people lol). This time I've got to consider available space, use of electric, and smell. Probably in that order, also at somepoint Ill need to move/store all the grow gear. Hopefully not anytime soon :oops: So......

I got my arse down to my LGS and invested in a tent, carbon filter and proper extractor fan. Nothing flash, just a small 600x600 (2ftx2ft) pure tent. It fits perfect in the available space in a spare bedroom. Not really sure about the quality of it, the zippers look a wee bit flimsy, but it'll get me growing again, and missing my man cave less, so alls good.

My plan is to populate it with 3 Auto's ..........Hang on let's do it properly

What strain is it? A designer label Sweet Seeds Honey Peach Auto, along with a Blueberry and Amnesia bred by my LGS
Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? No idea
Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Waiting to pop
Indoor or outdoor? Indoor
Soil or Hydro? Soil
If soil... what is in your mix? BioBizz
If soil... What size pot? 7.5 ltr (2gal) Hopefully smart pots if the LGS has them. Got to buy them yet, nothing old in the new tent
Size of light? Don't want to jinx it, so not saying much here yet. I got light to veg under if the worst happens, com'on Mr post man, come on!
Is it aircooled? Yes
Temp of Room/cab? No idea, one of the reasons for going with Auto's. Can open the tent ;)
RH of Room/cab? Same as above
Any Pests ? NO!!! Please no
How often are you watering? As needed.
Type and strength of ferts used? BioBizz ferts. Strength not sure, need to have a lookupsee. Probably half what they recommend. :)

Where was I....

The plans to do the three seeds, understanding I may have to cull one. I got a male plant in my last journal, so anything could happen :p. All seeds claim to be feminised...


They all went into wet tissue about an hour ago, so gives me a couple of days to get some soil and pots sorted. I'm sure a spot by a window will do them for awhile if the postman keeps me waiting to long for everything else. Got this so far.....


Setting up a tent really didn't scratch my DIY itch. Finding these things at just under 6 quid on amazon is going to give me that opportunity.:yahoo:I'm still one short, my plan changed, but it's on it's way, and the other stuff should be here towards the end of the week.

Lets just hope I haven't jinxed anything by talking to soon, manage to build what I want, and most important get it working.

Anyway thanks all.

It's from this place that I've managed to glean the infomation to attempt this, or any of my grows :Namaste:

Piña Delores

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Welcome one and all. I'm updating sooner than I expected :)

Firstly to introduce my new avatar. Dobby "the house cat", I thought she looked more approachable than the wifes jack-o-lantern from a few years ago, and I expect her to make regular apperances through the course of this journal. You see she's a bit miffed I described the room my tent's in as "spare". It's not, it's hers, spoilt thing that she is.

Secondly package No 1 arrived :yahoo::yahoo:


The driver for my lights. Really wasn't expecting anything until the end of the week at he earliest, so well chuffed.

This inspired me to go shopping :). I can now confirm the soil will be BioBizz all mix, used it before, I'm happy.

However the LGS didn't have any smart pots in stock :( which is a shame. I bought some plastic ones thinking, of my nothing old in the tent rule, however I have 3 smartpots outside about to become free.

Anyone have any experience with re-using them? I figured a really good boiling, and a run through the washing machine (while the wifes out ;)), would do the trick. I know I've read of people sterilising soil in the oven, but not sure if boiling waters hot enough to kill any nasties. Any thoughts? I'll have a Google too.

I'll also need to Google this stuff


Some sort of organic bloom fert, a freebie from the LGS. I said "thanks but it's going to be a while until I need" with pots and soil in my hands :laugh:

That's about it for now I'll leave off with this....


Sour Diesel auto from a local breeder (maybe he got his seeds mixed?), grown outside and about to give up her pot. Alas she's a midget, and not going to produce much. But she smells great, I'm a sucker for purple and I'm sure she'll vape fine. :volcano-smiley:


Piña Delores

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Happy Friday
:420: hope everyone is good, and set for a fine weekend. :rollit:

Well I must confess to having just had quite a stressful half hour or so.

I put my seeds into pop late on Wednesday night. Thinking I'd have until tomorrow to find smartpots to plant them in, sort out electrical supply, get the extraction up and running, and have a fun time DIYing some lights. The plants however have other ideas. When I checked on them at lunchtime today, this greeted me........


All three of them looked like this, not a helmet in sight. Straight through the tissue, my word they seem keen. Not sure the exact amount of time it's taken them to get this far, but I'd say less than 40hrs!!!!

I'm not complaining really, but trying to transfer seedlings this developed was quite stressful for me lol. There's over 2" of tap root under there. This one got planted tissue and all. Heres hoping it wasn't too stressful for them, they're the ones that count.

So as of now the girls are in pint sized plastic pots, in the tent, under a small LED panel that will be 50% of my veg light.


Let's hope the little buggers have enough energy left for one last push to the light. I know they're resilient plants, but I'm wondering if this manhandling may have been too much. At the rate they're trying to grow I suppose we'll know in about....... 2hrs?!? :p lol. Just keeping my fingers crossed.

Well not too crossed, because more goodies have been aquired/arrived.....

The COBs still haven't arrived, come on Mr Postman!!! but still got lots to do if this journal's going to live up to it's title lol. At the moment it's feeling rather Macgyvered.

On that note I'd best get on with it, if you never hear from me again it's all gone horribly wrong :)


Piña Delores

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Hello again
:420:well bad light's stopped construction, so I'm back with an update. We have green....


So at least one survived todays trauma :). I'll start the count when the other two rear their heads. Fingers crossed for manaña. This one's the Honey Peach and last time I saw her she was horrible pale yellow, good to see she's getting some colour to her cheeks.

It wasn't just the lack of light that stopped construction, someone I mentioned earlier heard me, and turned up on my doorstep right at the close of day.


Very happy, seem to have arrived safe and sound. Wasn't expecting the anti-static bags, didn't think they'd be that sensitive. Maybe it's just their travel get up lol. I will be extra careful though, the main reason I went with Vero's is the push fit connections. Waving a soldering iron around near something so delicate didn't sound to appealing, well that and I HATE soldering lol.

Now the only thing I'm waiting for is the solid hook up wire for the LED's. Hoping that should arrive Monday, think the girls can survive with what they got until then.

The build seems to be going ok, got one half done.


That doesn't mean I'm anywhere near halfway through the build ;). I sort of new what I was getting myself into, I work in the electrical industry. Wish I had access to a drill press, snapped one bit in the heatsink already. Not the end of the world, but frustrating.

OK time for a few vapes, and some chill time, have a good Friday all


Piña Delores

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Good day
:420:hope everyones having a good one.

So good news. All three seedlings have got their heads up, so I'm counting Sat 22/9/18 as day one :yahoo:. Bit of a relief really, as I had to retrieve one of them off the kitchen floor yesterday. It dosen't look like they're holding it against me.


At some point they're going to need transplanting, I've got smart pots on the way. It's something I've never done, I normally do one pot start to finish, maybe I should just grow them out as is and see what happens. Getting ahead of myself, plenty of ways to kill them off before then. :)

I've had a busy day today, first off getting some extraction set up for the tent. Whilst it's doing the job, it's not finished yet. The control box only has the meter wired up, it's still missing switching for the fan speed, and the timer's not wired in yet. Lights are on 24hrs and will be until either, my main lights finished, or the veg lights finished. Whichever comes first.


Doing it's job, but not up to the journals title yet, but I'll get there.

Work on the main light hit a slight hickup. A mis-matched heatsink!!!!! Alright my fault I ordered the wrong one. Shit happens, I don't think it'll cause too much of a delay really, putting it together's taking longer than I thought anyway. I might be ready for it when it arrives, might lol.


Have a good Saturday all


Piña Delores

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:420:time for an update, the three girls are doing great. Seem to be loving their 35w seedling light. Lights still on 24hr, but will change that tomorrow when I double up on the lights. Not sure on a lighting schedule yet, but hopefully this will be their last 24hr stint.


Humidity outside the tents running about 60%, so I've put a bowl of water in the tent with them. It's not going to hurt.

The frame for my main light is more or less finished. Missing a heat sink, but that won't take long to drill and fix when it arrives. I would have liked to start mounting the COB's but the self tappers I have are all M4's and it looks like I need M3's to do the job. No chance of getting them on a Sunday, so it'll have to be a mission for tomorrow.


I'm pleased with the result so far, and I've enjoyed butchering all that aluminum.


Piña Delores

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Time for an update

Today is day 4, and all is going well with the little ones.


Don't think they have anything to complain about, possibly a tad on the warm side. No one seems to have told the weather it's Autumn, it's only .5 warmer than outside the tent. Sure that will change as we get into October. Rains forecast for tonight, that should help kill some heat.

I gave them their first drop of water tonight, not a lot, and not because I felt they needed it. The soil had started to shrink away from the inside of the pot, and thought a splash of the wet stuff wouldn't hurt.

They're still under my vegging lights, and are going to remain that way until the weekend. Same with the light schedule, 24hr on. They seem happy enough for now, they're 5000k lights and I can get them nice and close.


I will be tidying them up when they have finished their present duties. In the long run there won't be a feed out to the extraction fan, and I'll hide all the naked chocolate blocks with a plastic box. Ready for next time I use them.

All the stuff has arrived for my main light, and I've been doing a bit after work, but it's slow going.

I've managed to drill and tap one hole in the heatsinks. I'm at 100% success rate :laugh:. Think the other 16 need to be done with a fresh head on, not after a day at work.

The 7.5l smart pots have arrived, but when should I re-pot ? Can't be for a few weeks surely.

I'm thinking if I cut bottom off the pots, and drill a few holes, would I need to remove the plants. I could re-pot the pots so to speak. I'd like to avoid another man handling, and get them into their homes asap. Any thoughts?

Cheers for stopping by


Piña Delores

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Good evening all, hope everything good and green with you all. :rollit:

Well I've managed to make some progress with the set up of my tent. I am pleased to say that my girls will experience their first dark period tomorrow daytime. I've managed to finish the control panel for my tent :D


I promise it looks better in real life.

The double socket runs off the timer, and presently supplies the temporary veg light.

The double switch controls the extraction fan. on/off and high/low.

The fused isolator switch also runs off the timer, and supplies the LED driver for my main grow light. As of now it's isolated as there's no load on the driver. Still need to finish the light.

The meter monitors the power coming into the box. So some math and/or use of switches is needed to work out how much power goes on light or ventilation.

All in all I'm happy with how it turned out, although that picture does bring out the OCD in me. lol

The girls are cruising along.


All happy and healthy, no issues.

Thanks for popping in


Piña Delores

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Happy weekend, hope everyone's having a good one

MoN cheers for stopping by, and thanks for the kind words. I'm very happy with the control box, more so now I have it wired up to my lights.


I'm very pleased with how they turned out, if the plants like them also I'll be even happier :).

At the moment they seem to run very cool, but I am running very soft so I suppose that shouldn't be a suprise. Dimmable from 100w to 200w at the wall, more than enough light for this tent. At the moment it's running at 100w and the tent's 2.5c above the ambient temp in the room.

I've only had it running 3hrs or so more testing's needed in relation to how close I can get to the plants. Up until I inflicted this beast on them they were doing very well.


Not bad for day 7, no issues yet. We'll have to see what the change in environment does to them. These lights are really bright :cool:.

So now i've gone posh lol. Well a posh as I'm ever likely to get. A decent grow light, in a real grow tent. I'm happier with the light, than I am with the tent. That's cool though, the light will be about long after the tents gone.


Let's hope the girls settle in and get growing.


Piña Delores

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Your gonna pull some fat buds lol
Cheers for the vote of confidence, long way to go yet though. I am hoping for a green Christmas :p.

Maybe a bit sooner, the Honey Peach Auto CBD claims to be an eight week strain. Although I'm sure I'll let it go a bit longer, I like my vape that way.

If I do have any problems it's not going to be from lack of light. The girls look like they're enjoying it. Here they are after waking up, and getting a good watering.


Looking happy. Temps are a little on the high side, just nudging 30c. That's only 3 degrees warmer than the room, according to the same thermometer. It will cool off overnight, and in the long run that'll sort itself out as the season progresses. Summer's still trying to linger.

Now the lights up and running, I've been able to spend sometime sorting out the extraction. I'm now extracting out of the room, and have silenced the fan. I'm really happy with the result. The wife more so :D.


As much as I hate polystyrene it does a good job. It's almost like it's made to fit the extractor.


filled with corks


and hung up. Ok so it doesn't help with camouflage in anyway, but that wasn't the aim. It does help with fan noise. Wish I could do the whole run in solid pipe, maybe another time.

Cheers for stopping by



Grow Journal of the Month: July 2020
hi pina

check that fan for heat. the box you used is designed for heat/cold not sound. there is sound insulation available designed primarily for that purpose. it won't hold heat or at least not as much, and can help prolong the life of the fan. nothing like a fan quitting when you need the odor control.
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