Picked up a new bong today some pics


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well i thought i would make my glass collection bigger today .. i have a 2 1/2 foot glass bong few glass pipes. steam roller .. and now this iis the newest member to the glass family it is about 2 foot and give u a killer rip. has a 12mm female pieace so it clears with the ease hope you enjoy.



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very nice addition b420. Lovin' the ice catch. Can't seem to find one around here with an ice catch that I really like all that much. Definitely a good find. :biggrin:


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yeah i just went to the local head shop and it was marked like 110 and it was in a section that were like 200 and dude was like i think they marked it wrong and i was like thats nice and i kept my eye on ,it found a nice bowl and was like fuck it ill get it and let me tell you it was a good find :bong:


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Nice piece man. Much love.


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thanks kitty yeah the guy at the store said it was marked wrong and way to low in price and he said he couldnt change it so i was like hmm i think thats the one i want to eventually change it to all glass on glass but i like the set up i have right now.. and dahui i will try to get bettter pics and ill take some pics of it milked.. and o yeah kitty HVY havent really heard of them , apparently it is good glass.. all i got to say is i give it two thumbs up.


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blacturboteg420 said:
well here a few more pics tired to get most of the art work in and a lil milk shot :goof:
NICE!! i'm mesmorized..

u work at applebee's? mmm....


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nice bong, never owned a glass bong, bet it hits smoooth! :adore: :adore:
used to have a really nice green acrylic Chills bong that I carried in my backpack to the skate park and get ripped and skate all day.....those were the days, lol. :hmmmm:
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