Pics of my new PHX bong.


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Yeah, in Berkeley they'll try to rip you off if you look like a tourist or they dont recognize you, but theres 2 really easy tricks you can pull to get them to lower the prices.

One is just a bold face lie...
You go in and ask them the price of something and wait for the answer, then respond "oh yeah? last time I was here you said it was (______ insert lower price here)."

That'll usually piss them off and they'll be all "well if thats what i told you then why are you asking??"
Seems really easy, and it is, if it works. Sometimes they'll be stubborn and wont give in... if thats the case, I always go to plan B

The "borrowed money" trick...
Before you go in, take the amount you want to spend and give about a 1/4 or so of it to your friend and have him put it in his wallet.

When you go in and find out the price, do a little haggling to a price under what you want to pay. When they refuse try to act all disappointed that you cant get the one you "really" want... and then before you leave ask one more time whats the lowest they can go. When they give you the price look at your friend and be all "hey man, you have any money I can borrow? I'll pay you back later."

Then he looks in his wallet and goes... "Umm, I've only got like (______ insert amount here) on me." He'll let you "borrow" the money and continue to haggle and try to get it at the price you want.

Now, these dont always work, but theyre tricks we commonly use to get really high priced pieces that we want.
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