Pineapple Chunk x4 Under Perfect Sun Cobs


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Hey all time for a new journal. This run I’ll be going with 4x Barney’s farm Pineapple Chunk. I’ve grown it once before and was overly impressed with the quality. I’ll be running them under my perfect sun con unit with supplemental perimeter lighting, they are in my 25 gallon rdwc undercurrent system they are currently 3 weeks into veg and starting the transition to flower this week. I’m running GH trio plus cal mag and will be adding in koolbloom liquid and dry during flowering stages. Here’s a few pics from the start to today.


I will be scrogging them down later today and then hopefully flipping by the end of the week. Hop in for the ride and hopefully it’s the smoothest run yet.
Figured it was time to get a new one up and running, now let’s see if the usual riff raff shows to up to party:rofl:

There’s nothing usual about me :p
Perhaps a bit riff raff, hmmmm a 1/8th maybe?

Looking like some fine sexy ladies! Pulling up a seat to watch them grow!
Hi from the North! Eh....
Lots of us from Ontarigrow's a place to stand, a place to grow, a place to call Ontarigrow. OK so that's from a very old TV commercial. The song was similar to the mess I made of it. But I'm sure some will remember.
Looking good Gro...just gonna nudge in here beside Birdie and watch things fly
Loving all the fur fam!!!!

Here is one of my girls, she's "daddies lil girl" her name's Bonnie and usually follows me everywhere!

Looking forward to a grow update. But jumping aboard fur fam!
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