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Strain Name: Pineapple

From: River Valley Collective

When: Feb 2011

Grade: A

Type: Hybrid (Sativa dom.)

Price: $190/half oz

Looks: Medium to dark green buds with abundant orange hairs

Smell: Fresh green with a slight pine and skunk scent

Taste: Slightly earthy and pine

Buzz Type: Cerebral, spacey, and upbeat

Buzz Length: 2 hours

Best Medicinal Use: Mood improvement and creative thought based activities

Overall: A sticky, yet fluffy, bud the tastes like a good kush, but leaves you buzzed like a strong sativa. A nice strong cerebral buzz that was uplifting in my mood and energy level. After smoking some of this one rainy day, I was ready to take on house projects. Unfortunately the spacey nature of the buzz had me starting many, but finishing none as I went from project to project; also getting distracted by my computer, televised basketball games, and anything else that caught my interest/attention. Another time I headed out hiking to investigate recent storm damage/flooding and seemed to have a better eye for setting up the pictures I took, due to the enhanced creativity. I would recommend this for exactly how I used it – a great way to improve your mood on a dreary day – just don’t plan to get much actually accomplished with the resulting energetic buzz.






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Nice.. I mostly grow pineapple-NY diesel, wonderful strain.

I do pop in some straight NY diesel on occasion..

Buds look nice, but seems the trichs could have a used a bit longer grow.. I see very few cloudy or amber?

Jus sayin...

Enjoy Man
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