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Pink Kush Vs Cheese


Grow Journal of the Month: July 2017
Hahaha raspberries are like blackberries they take some real work to contain them to one bed they are even easier to clone again.
We have bushed but never get raspberries insert sad face here


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Start tucking the taller colas under the net for a bigger spread.
Oh for sure, I have been at that for a week or so now since I put the screen in. I had done I think 2 or 3 scrogs before this one but the previous screen ended up getting destroyed last harvest. I figure another week of tucking at most then I'm gonna flip. These girls have seemed a little slow to stretch out but they are speeding up recently.

Knife party

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It doesn’t hold together even though it’s wet?
No even when it's dripping. I had no problems until I started adding perlite to aid drainage.
Im adding 1 gal perlite to 6 gal potting mix and dry amending nutes before dropping the new plant in there is a fair amount of bark in this lot so ive also been adding lime to keep em happy.


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This may be a stupid question maybe not

Fabric pots so that the roots grow through and you just put the plant and all into the new pot ?

I have so much perlite in mine that nothing makes the soil stay together or maybe I'm not letting them get bound up enough

I don't transplant once I get into the fabric pot, I use regular plastic cups or pots for starting.
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