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Update on Grow and Bad News on Clones
The grow in the "big" tent is going along nicely. We are in the fourth week of flower, so yesterday I defoliated below the first net to clear out dead and dying shoots, etc. Every time I defoliate, I wonder if I should. But the kind of defoliation I did yesterday gives sense to the practice without overdoing it.
I know that fan leaves are important for the development of the bud. So I don't take too many of these, only the ones that are obviously not doing anything and are dying anyway. There was a bunch of dead "brush" under that first net. I removed a lot of dead leaves and cleaned it up as best as I could.
Here's a before and after:

My clones weren't doing well. I don't really know why, but they weren't. So I pulled them and saw that roots were beginning to form under the clone collar, but nothing really good. Meanwhile, all the tops were fading fast.
So I took more clones - even though the plants are flowering. These are actually looking good. I'll do a picture soon and put it up, but right now the emphasis is on the flowering tent. The water quality may have been an issue. There was a slight odor of musty in the water, even though I treated it as usual with Z7 and even added H202. So I think that was it. Now I have no odor in the water, and the Ph is staying stable at 5.8. It happens. If I've learned anything in the last several years growing at home, it is that sometimes it doesn't work out, whatever you are doing. The weather and outside humidity and temp can affect an indoor grow, especially when dealing with cold temps in the winter. Auxiliary heat messes up the humidity, so you have to compensate for that, too. So, when things go sour, you just have to start again.

Here's some pictures of what is happening right now in the flowering tent.



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I have read some plants are very good rooters in their genes. Some not so much.
Some people are so advanced at growing they splice weak rooting plants onto strong ones and grow them that way.
Like right onto the root or something not sure how it’s done, I’m still in the stone ages of growing.
Your clones look very healthy, thank you for your time and cloning tips, very handy.
Thanks for telling me they look healthy. Sometimes I doubt myself.


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Update on grow and clones
Flowering plants are in week four, and are bulking up and looking good.
I found baby roots this morning in the cloning tent, so all is good. I have seven clones and can only flower six, so I will pick the best six out of seven. Yes, I'm aware that these "new" clones were taken during flowering. I'm an old hand at revegging, (LOL- accidentally) so I'm not concerned about them. They will be growing so well soon that they will be monsters. That is what I'm looking for, for the new grow room and 5 X 5 Gorilla Tent. (more on that later.)
Here's the photographic evidence:



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Thanks for telling me they look healthy. Sometimes I doubt myself.
Yeah I doubt my growing ability's myself some days,
then my family compliment my plants and bud size and it sort of reaffirms, that I am not to bad I guess.
You’ve got plenty of good baby bud shots, in a few more weeks they won’t be baby photos:goodjob:


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Pink's Method of Defoliation During Flower, for Scrog
Thought I would put down in writing what I do here. My method is certainly not new, as I learned it from boards like this one and reading books about growing. I've heard a lot of theories about why and how and how not to defoliate; and I'm sure there will be scores of other opinions by readers. That's OK. You do what works for YOU.

I defoliate because my tent is small and the plants get thick and it looks like the forest primeval down there. Sometimes I expect to see creatures occupying my tent below the foliage, but I know that isn't true. LOL. Light can't penetrate through underbrush. Another good reason is humidity. Especially in warmer months, the air here in SW Missouri is humid. Even air conditioning doesn't get rid of all of it. The tent stays around 65-75 percent humidity. I grow indicas, and the leaves are large and so is the branch growth. Defoliation allows air to circulate around the plants better, and decreases the chance that mold will grow.

I am not certain why, but 21 days into flower is the suggested time to defoliate the plants. It does seem to be the right time to do it. I kind of follow that, in that after 21 days I take a hard look at the tent and decide what needs to go.

I use two scrog nets, one with 3-inch squares for the bottom and one with 5-inch stretchy squares for the top. First, I remove everything under the first net. There's always a bunch of dead and dying leaves and debris down there.
Then I wait a couple of days, and then go after the big fans on the rest of the plant, with the exception of those at the very top. I leave them. But the fan leaves that are not actually doing anything for the plant below that will die anyway if you don't pluck 'em. Look for the leaves that aren't attached directly to a bud cluster; I had some the size of dinner plates. All those are doing is taking up space. Leave the smaller fans and the sugar leaves alone. Sometimes I'm amazed as I go through the plant to remove fans - because the leaf will often come off with only a slight tug. Those are definitely ready to pick.

Keep the Fan Leaves
I put mine in a fabric pot (because it was handy) and put this in the refrigerator. I keep adding anything green that I take off the plant to this pot. After awhile you get enough of these to break up, decarb, and then turn into edibles. @SweetSue has several posts in how to do this, so I will defer to her.

Now, here's the important part:
Stop before you think you should. Leave the f'ing plant alone, because you can unfortunately start going crazy pulling leaves. The plants should have better light penetration after the defoliation, but you don't need to send daylight to the bottom of the reservoir. LOL.

Here's pictures to illustrate my method somewhat:
This one is a closeup of the vegetation; you can see how dense it is.
And this one is a picture of the tent from further back.

After defoliation, the tent looks like this:

At the top you can see I left leaves:


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21 days usually means the plant has stopped stretching so you can see the larf that won’t make it to the canopy. Also I only take leaves that are facing the interior but leaving the outside leaves.


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21 days usually means the plant has stopped stretching so you can see the larf that won’t make it to the canopy. Also I only take leaves that are facing the interior but leaving the outside leaves.
Wow. I should have said something earlier! I think many of us are reluctant to be thought a fool for asking questions, but that is really what this forum is for. I really appreciate your comments, Penny!


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Update on grow
Today I noticed some light burn on leaves further back in the canopy. The lights are too close to the plant, but there's little I can do about it. I've maneuvered some of the tops away from the light fixtures, but I'm glad I won't be flowering in this tent in the future. My new grow room is almost ready. Only thing left to do is plumbing a sink and drain, and putting the cabinets up and my new tent. But that's for later.
Right now I'm about three weeks from harvest. The clones are doing well, and one seed I popped is doing good. The other one I popped has stopped growing, so I think it is dead. I'm going to pop a new one today.
Here's some pictures I took this afternoon.



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Grow Update and News about New Grow Room
Slowly I've been collecting all the equipment I need to start a new grow in my new grow room, with a 5 x 5 tent. I'm still a couple of weeks away from setting it up, only waiting for two more things to arrive: my high CFM poles for the tent and the 8-inch AC Infinity fan I ordered from Amazon. Luckily, I found a store in Springfield, Mo. that carries most of the stuff I need on a regular basis. The guy who works there, John, is very helpful. Although he is not as familiar with my type of growing (ebb and flow) he has been very knowledgeable about equipment needs.
In this tent, I will be able to grow six large plants (that is my legal limit). I will get three grows a year, allotting extra time for some of the strains that take nine weeks or so.
I plan to grow mother plants in the 2 X 2.5 X 5' 7", and clone them in the propagation tent, a smaller tent that will fit on the bar of my cabinet. We removed the cabinets from another room in the house, and put them along one wall. We will also be installing plumbing and a sink, so filling and emptying the reservoirs will be a breeze.

Here's the 5x5 tent, without the innards:

Grow Update
The 2 X 2.5 flowering tent is completing it's last (for me) flowering task. I'm very happy about this, because the tent is so small and I have struggled to get the most out of it. As you can see, the tent is very full. I had some light burns on my colas, but not serious. The Peppermint Kush is behind a bit, while the one Mazari Grape is nearing completion. Just waiting for some amber to appear before chopping. Right now all is rather sparkly and cloudy, no amber. Also, I want the buds to develop on the Peppermint K. I'm guessing I can chop the MG in a week while the PK may take two weeks more or so.
Here's the flowering tent:

Clones and Seedlings
The four clones I finally ended up with are looking great. Because they were taken off the mothers during flowering, they are revegging, which is fine. They will be big. I also have two seedlings: a Blue Dream and an Expert Haze. I'm going to keep it all going perpetually. Once I get these new plants put in the new grow space, I will pop some seeds that will become mother plants. Haven't decided yet on which ones, but I know that one of them will be Mazari Grape. This strain continues to be my favorite, for how it grows fast and finishes quickly, and for its size and effect. But I also want to get some sativas going so I will have a continuous supply of medicine for every need. MG is rather sedating. Great for sleep, but I want a good Wake and Bake strain.
Here's the clones and seedlings:


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Wow. I should have said something earlier! I think many of us are reluctant to be thought a fool for asking questions, but that is really what this forum is for. I really appreciate your comments, Penny!
The fool is the one who pretends to know everything. When you pretend to know everything, you never learn anything. I like to think we can learn something from everyone. Even if its simply a new perspective.

The problem with modern science is pride. Too many people digging their heels in and refusing to accept information that debunks their current thoughts/beliefs


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Harvest Time!
Actually it is only one plant, and only the very tops on it. The Mazari Grape in the corner was eating up all the light, hung over with its own weight. The trichomes are cloudy. Some crystal, but mostly cloudy. I attach pictures below. So, I chopped the top of it and left the rest of it. The smaller branches below and on the side will get more light now. The rest of the plants need a week or more. It really does want nine weeks, (Peppermint Kush) and not seven. LOL.
I trimmed them in my new grow space. Not sure what this will net, but it was quite heavy. I'm guessing close to 2 ounces.



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Oh yeah, them babies grew faster then I thought they would :laugh2:
Look at them young adults lol
They mature so fast
I know, right? Mazari Grape was ready this afternoon. See above!
MG grows so fast it makes your head spin. And it is big performer. I'm surprised more people don't grow it; but it is a wonderful Kush. If you pick it before Amber sets in, it is a good all around performer, but unfortunately so strong that some people would not like it. I always warn neophytes about it; a decent bong hit might put them to bed until the morning, if they can get there; otherwise, they will be losing their cookies on the way. LOL


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Can't wait to see what a get in the 5x5.
I'm doing ebb and flow with a 4 ft. square tray, a 70 gal. res underneath and scrog screens (upper and lower). Also, the light is a Samsung LED with 500 from the wall and 3500K spectrum (Budget LED). The blurples will stay in the smaller tent with the Moms.


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OK, this grow is finished. I ended up with nearly seven ounces, which is pretty good, considering I was growing three new strains and one old one. The Peppermint Kush was a low yielder, but I think it may have been the size of the tent (small).
I'm going to end this journal today because I'm starting a new one for my new grow room setup.
Thanks to everyone for helping me through this and previous grows.
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