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Pipe and Bong Names


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My 1st pipe's name is Baby D'
because its a tiny one & all i smoke is the dank!:rasta:
& my new pipe is named Phaze because i was listening to a song phaze 2 phaze & i thought how my pipe dont get me higghhh it takes me though phazes :ganjamon:

Pun Intended

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I have a pretty chillem that has rainbow and translucent lilac purple bubbles along green lines. It's name is sunshine day dream :D

"Sunshine, daydream, walking in the tall trees, going where the wind goes
Blooming like a red rose, Now come on over sweetly,
Ride out singin', "I got you in the morning sunshine."

Sunshine, daydream, Now come on over daydream
Sunshine, daydream. Hey come on, Never gonna sweet dream
Sunshine, daydream, Wading in a cold stream."

420 towelie

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I just bought my first bong about a week ago. It's a 2 foot glass that is pretty thick.

I had two ideas for the name.

First: Millennium Falcon because me and some friends refer to smoking weed as flying spaceships.

Second: Roxanne (nickname: Roxy). It was the first name that popped into my head and is still sticking with me.

I am pretty sure I am going with Roxanne, but which do you guys think is the better name?


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just bought my second bong, it's trippy whites and glow-in-the-dark greens..
took my first couple hits from it last night and soon enough me and my buds had the perfect name for it - 'Chief Green Leaf'
hopefully this one lasts longer than my first bong
R.I.P Firebumblebeeball 2007-2009


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My first glass bowl - Hurricane
Same bowl after I broke and "Fixed" it - The Great Chalice
Homemade Gatorade-Bong - MacGyver
New glass Chameleon-Bowl - Voodoo


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Here's why it's called The Chalice.


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Bongs like that are the best DX. I used to make them out of Pringle Potato Chip cans,a section of radio antenna and a thimble.

You can customize the homemade bongs carb hole to fit your lung capacity and rock and roll.


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I just remembered that talking about Home-mades is against the General Rules. Sorry, I was high. And I'll stop posting Pics of MacGyver.. my baby..


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Me and my friends had a sick ass pipe with a giant bowl named Captain LaBerticus.


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My wife has a glass piece named Maury, cuz when the bowl was empty peeps would pitch in and ask "do you wanna smoke some more-E";0) A three hose hooka named sapphire and a bong named twisted transistor.


I used to smoke out of a clear 4 1/2 foot Grafix my buddies and I named 'The Wizard'.


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I got a sweet ass pipe, Professor Chaos


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:roorrip: Well i got a big Water bong so i just called it the killer :p Smoke couple doobies and do a nice big killer hit to finish :p:roorrip:
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