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Piranha and Tarantula Discontinued?


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Hello Everyone, I used to use Piranha and Tarantula powder during the first two week of flower. I went to the store yesterday and it appears AN has discontinued these products and only sell the liquid for now. The liquid for is $500+ for only 4L. This is just too expensive. Does anyone have a good alternative to these nutrients that I could use. Thanks

JJ Bones

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If you want something similar to those two, I would recommend going with, Great White which is made by Plant-Success.

It contains nearly everything that those two do and it has a higher spore count as well. The only thing that it doesn't have is the Calcium, Magnesium and Iron. However your nutes should handle that fine.


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Yea great white is the ish. I use it all the time and wont switch for nothing. You will see progress with your plants with in the first week. I use that with H&G Roots & Voodoo Juice :thumb:
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