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Pitt Medical Grow-op Bylaw In Place

Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
People who grow medical marijuana for others better move out of Pitt Meadows.

Council gave fourth reading Tuesday to a bylaw amendment that prohibits growing the plant for medicinal use in residential and agricultural zones.

The city is among the first in Canada to use a municipal bylaw to thwart an activity that’s sanctioned under federal law.

Growing medical marijuana for personal use will still be permitted in the city, but growing for others as a home-based business will not be allowed.

The bylaw are also ensures that medicinal marijuana grow-ops are excluded as an agricultural use.

"It's a tool available if it's needed," said city director of operations Kim Grout.

City staff know of only one medical marijuana grow operation within its residential boundaries, but “there’s speculation” that buildings are being constructed in its agricultural zone for the same purpose.

Grout said the owners of the medical grow operation have about week to shut down.

But the man, who set up the grow operation on a quiet cul-se-sac, has already moved to Mission.

The man, who requested anonymity, said the house isn't being use to grow for marijuana other's any more. Instead, a friend who has a Designated-Person Production Licence from Health Canada – a permit that allows you to grow legal pot – will be farming the plant for himself.

The bylaw still permits growing medical marijuana for personal use.

"I got tired of fighting the city," he said.

Marijuana activists expect the bylaw will be challenged in court.

"It is unconstitutional," said Dana Larsen, who operates a medical marijuana dispensary in Vancouver and is the director of Tagg Dispensary in Maple Ridge.

"It can't be allowed to stand."

Larsen said the bylaw demonstrate a failure by Health Canada to establish proper regulations for medical marijuana.

"The bylaw is making victims out of people who are already ill and terribly sick. They are being told they have to grow their own medicine and punished by their own community. The city should be calling upon Health Canada to reform their program."

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