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Pittsfield One Step Closer To Opening Medical Marijuana Dispensary

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Massachusetts - Medical marijuana continues to make headlines, this time in Pittsfield, where the city is closer to having its first medical cannabis dispensary. "It certainly is a milestone, not just for Pittsfield, but for Massachusetts," said Pittsfield Mayor Daniel Bianchi. Downing Industrial Park is the site where a new medical marijuana dispensary may set up shop, after the business received a positive recommendation from Pittsfield's community development board. "They're the initial review phase for proposed dispensaries," said Pittsfield City Planner CJ Hoss, who says the board made the recommendation to the city's zoning board of appeals. They are Pittsfield's highest authority in issuing permits for dispensaries.

"They really have the final say as to whether the dispensary itself can operate," he said. The group is Greeneway Wellness, a medical cannabis non-profit based in Kingston, Massachusetts. While the positive recommendation is not a go-ahead to begin business planning, it is a big step forward for Greeneway and medical marijuana's presence in the Berkshires. "We have to educate ourselves more on the therapeutic properties of medical marijuana," said Bianchi, who is a supporter of medical marijuana. He has been in touch with the people at Greeneway Wellness.

"I feel very comfortable that they have not only a great business model, but they have a great scientific model backing their application,"said Bianchi. Because there is controversy, Mayor Bianchi wants to proceed carefully, while still considering the demand for medical marijuana. "We will be monitoring this closely," he said. "This is going to have to be vetted through a number of different agencies, the health department's going to be involved."


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