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Please help me diagnose my plants. I am vegging six different clones. I will post the name of each woth photos of the leaves after this. All plants are in the same soil coco & perlite mix. There is dried kelp , bone meal, diatomaceous earth and calcitic lime added to the soil coco perlite mix. The girls are all in 20 L plastic bags , underneath two LEDS both with a wall draw around 150w. To me it mostly looks like a magnesium deficiency. I wasnt very stressed however ; all plants and leaves seem to be slightly affected now, and I am worried!


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yes, I see the previously mentioned deficiencies... so why? What pH are you working at @Mickey Pearson ?
have measured Ph of water and its between 5.0 and 5.5 mostly I read that Mg get absorbed bettet with a higher Ph so yesterday I fed then much closer to 6.5 and added some calcium & magnesium into the water. And also in a light foliar spray.
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