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Plant colour change / aerogarden help first time grow ?


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Hi I'm new to this forum my name is aj

I decided to grow my own plant because in Australia the weed is very crap here it's all wet and funny looking bud an have a crap smell and all laced with chemicals that try to get you high

So I decided to buy a smart garden / aerogarden just to experiment a growth cycle for personal use not to supply
I purchased seeds from crop kings and they arrived safely an secure

I purchased purple kush seeds because I have never tried it as a smoke and no one in Australia has seen it or had it

So I set up my aerogarden germinated the seeds put then in the little pots that came with the setup and along they go they eventually came out of the soil , they took about two weeks to even start growing which to me was unusual because on you tube the videos they show them go extremely fast

Now there about 5 weeks old but the leafs are starting to change colour I have attached pictures for example of what there doing

Now i know there is a lot more about growing but I'm a newbie and would like you guys to answer some of these questions for me , eventually when I learn how to grow properly I will purchase a bigger setup cause I know the aerogarden are only good for clones an not really good to grow big plants unless low rider etc

Now are my lights to close to the plant causing this to go yellow , is it nutrients ? Or is it because the aerogarden water filled to the top and thst the roots are soaked in water ? Is it the timer on the lights ??

Help please highly appreciated , yes I know I'm a newbie and have to do research but there is not much posts on the aerogarden

Also my soil is going green is that normal ??






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Re: Aerogarden first grow any tips ? Leaf colour change

I would have to say lack of nutes and I would say not enough Nitrogen would be turning them yellow.


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Add some veg nute with n/p in them. I do not know what you have for nutes. They will not live in just water.

I bought the wrong nutrients but yesterday bought stuff off eBay made for hydro and weed

The one I was using now is called Yates thrill

The ingredient is

Nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, manganese, iron, magnesium & trace elements (NPK analysis: 6.2 : 2 : 10).

But realised it's for flowers and doesn't say veges?

An also should I keep the lights on a timer 18/6 or all day all night since there still small or should they get a good rest
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