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Plant droopy - Looking for some advice


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Temps 75 to 79
RTH 57 70
Res temp 68 to 71 Using Water Bottles To keep down
No nutes Just 40 ML of Rhizotonic
Ph was 6.0 to 6.5 lowered a little last night to 5.6 5.8
Light was 24 from tops moved up a little sunday to 28 (LED)
PPM 105
Plant is 1 week 4 days old from seedling sprouted in Rapid Rooter
Using DWC method

This is 4 days after i had to change an air stone Do to the one i was using was not preforming well on that side of the port, i am using a commercial air grade pump now with a lot of air movement. Roots look good white and lots hairy offshoots on the roots. Strain is Gold Rush From canuk seeds. If i spray the top with rhizotonic and water like recomened from canna, it sucks that water off the top quick, where as the other two still have water drops on them. water is spring water starting with a PPM of 40. after adding rhizotonic, it is 105. Kinda stumped just doesnt seem to stand up like the other one. The third seems to struggle a little too leaves twist a little and slight droop. 1 looks fantastic though, they are all running same temps PH and PPM. Thanks for looking have a good one.
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