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Plant dying - need help Fast - pics

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So it started yesterday,thought overwatering,because I watered heavily 2 days in a row cus I had to fix PH,end of flowering,2 from 5 plants doing bad,others ok.I used very heavily sodium hydroxide to raise PH.Pointed fan to fix it but didnt help much,any ideas what to do? I dont know if I should imediatly flush or they are overwatered and I will damage even further,any advice?


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Re: Plant dying,need help FAST,pics.

Sodium Hydroxide and any high salt chemicals like Baking Soda can be especially dangerous for plants. The salts can collect at the root, and block all nutrient uptake.

Depending on how much you used, it might even be too late now, but the best suggestion I can offer you is to do an extreme flush.

Over watering would be the least of your concerns at this stage, as that's easy to fix by just letting them dry out. Leaving a plant with high sodium levels in the soil is not good.

In the future, I suggest using products specifically made to raise and lower the PH in soil, like PH up/PH down from General Hydroponics, for example.


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Re: Plant dying,need help FAST,pics.

It's in rough shape right now, I'm not going to lie or sugar coat it. A flush is the best thing I could recommend, and there's no guarantee it'll make it.

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God damn first grow,been growing for 6 months,one is smaller plants and another is the biggest of all lol,and I planned to harvest in 10 days max,just when I thought everything was going better way...All leaves became so skiny and all buds are lying on the scrog screen,I can see everything beneath like i couldnt before when leaves were standing,ahh well lets hope it will recover :eek: Just flushed,will let the water soak the soil and flush some more wish me luck :/
Re: Plant dying,need help FAST,pics.

The one plant is in multiple nutrient lock-out, nothing to help her at this stage ... I would continue to flush the salt from here on out and chop that girl ... hate to say it but she won't improve.
I'd agree, if you have RO or Rain water that'd be best for flushing and a flushing agent such as Detox from Mad Farmer or similar - you're far enough along you can still salvage some decent bud from the looks of it but it's gonna be rough smoke if it isn't completely flushed.


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stop any fan (could damage more the leafs if not healty and rise the temp lowing down air circulation. In extreme cases you can give up the plant from the pot and start to dry with warm air the bottom