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Plant given to me - Flowering early - Extremely small - Any advice?


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What Strain is it? Unknown Possibly Kush

How Many Plants? 1
Is it in Vegetative or Flowering Stage? Flowering.
If in Flowering Stage... How Long? I Got it July 4th. I'm thinking it started late June.
Indoor or Outdoor? Outdoor
If Soil: Currently in MG. Will be doing a new soil mix, and transplanting into container's that I used for my SUCCESSFUL White widow grow.

How Often are you Watering? When needed (POSSIBLY EVERY 2/3 DAY'S.)
Type and Strength of Fertilizers used? mg 24-8-16 B

Basically, I am taking over this plant for my friend. It was given to him. However, I find it odd that the height is smaller than expected as well as it has already started budding.
tl:dr What should i do?? what would you do?? i'm in NY

Thank you for any feedback, I appreciate it. :thanks:


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Given the size, the small, minimal branches and the bending of the stalk, I'd guess that it was originally grown under very poor light conditions-- if not just a windowsill given the bend. Given that it's in flowering, there's not much you can do for extra height. It won't be a heavy producer. I'd give it water with minimal flowering nutes so it's not burned up. That's my perspective.
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