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Hey all , while I was sleeping last night I had an amazing dream which I think was triggered after reading the site to death to try become an expert .
The Question is
Would it be possible to graft a strawberry plant onto the stem of a cannabis plant?
If it were possible would it make Hashberries ?
Or would any thc traits be passed over to strawberry plant?
Only reason I ask is some of my fruit trees were grafted on to other tree basis to make em more hardy , am a self sufficient home grower from fruit and veg but new to green queen other than smoking her :)
Great work and advice from everyone :)
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:welcome: to :420:

Grafting is used to allow plants which cannot survive in certain soils to grow in those soils using root stocks acclimated to those soils. Grafting in no way changes the traits of the plant being grafted onto the root stock so grafting any plant to a cannabis root stock will not impart any cannabis characteristics to the grafted plant.
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Oooo, what an interesting question, but I've also wondered about grafting plants!! I've seen it done with some trees on TV with them mini- Chinese trees...
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Thought the dream was to good to be true lol
So far Hash-berry bush sounds great but defo a pipe dream unless I take up Genetics haha
Anyone else if they could splice Cannabis genes to any plant what would it be and what would ya call it.
Or has anyone managed to get a hybrid ? Or isn't it feasible .
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I've heard of cannabis being grafted to hop plants & i'm sure if you look around you may find some info on it :thumb:

Also know of different apple trees being grafted too same root stock each fruit baring graft produced a different apple etc

So in theory if you had a MJ root stock you could graft different strains to it & end up with 3 different cola's/strains for example but flowering time for each could be pain in less selective graft material shared same sort of flowering period !

It would how ever raise the question of suitable root stock as we all know MJ to be either male or female plants & which sex of root stock would you choose ?

That is worth thinking about...
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Anyone got 2 plants to root dissect and flush clean all dirt 1/male 1/female of the same strain
Was wondering if the sex change is in roots
Could female roots grafted to male turn it female
Male roots to female turn male . Read lots about above ground formation but nothing about below ground.
So in theory best / easiest strongest root pod grafted to more delicate potent plant = easy keep high yield mutant :)
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Root grafting is not a practical concept & how ever does not produce mutant strains of high yield... its what ya graft to it which makes it interesting !

With MJ i suspect you will have to graft between the nodes which means any regenerative growth from nodes would be of sex of root stock.

Now for example root stock for MJ if you trimmed below a node to leave X amount of stem for grafting the stem remaining will die back to nearest node where regenerative growth will occur... so grafting really needs to be done between node points on a female root stock.

Lets just say i had northern lights root stock & grafted AK48, white widow to it... it would yield all 3 strains if graft was successful it would only be of novelty value & not of any commercial interest other wise we would of seen this done on a larger scale !
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1 plant 3 diff smokes :-0 freaking awesome
Was there much of a drop in harvest and was the smokes as good as it sounds .
I think I just found my Dream plant :) patent the design and seed form it lol
I would defo purchase :)
It would be totally cool to try. From what I understand you can have a large outdoor plant that has a giant root system that uptakes really well and you can splice a cannabis plant onto it and it can potentially uptake more food using a more established and faster uptaking root system. There was another member on here I think it was uptheholler who has tried this. I believe it was he who suggested splicing multiple plants onto one root system. The possibilites are only limited by our imaginations.

I enjoy threads like this where we can all just dream for a bit.
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