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Plant Issue and small unknown bug

Help Please.

I have been growing for 2 years and never had an issue with pests until recently. I recently just dealt with fungus gnats (probably because i was watering a bit too much). Hit them with a few different safe organic things such as BT and Tanlin Drops (https://cxhorticulture.co.uk/products/tanlin/)and it has pretty much knocked them out. I have been checking the soil closely for their activity and today i realized another little critter while inspecting my plants. I had a meter in the soil and saw a little white unidentified bug crawling up the meter. It is round and the 1/4 the size of a fungus gnat. Tiny. Plant has some damaged leaves and slightly pale while other plants around are dark healthy green.

Does anyone know what this is!? Please see attached.


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