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Plant leaves curling, lower ones turning yellow


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Hey fellers, i am here to ask for your help. Recently i had to move coz of some problems i had in my life due to which i think my plants are sad. I used very little bit of hydroponics and fed my plant only once after which it was growing very well. But when i had to move my house to a new province i had to leave all my soils, nutrients and all that stuff which i bought after saving money from a long time. When i moved to new place the plants were doing fine, but after few weeks their lower leaves started turning yellow and were curled down. Which I figured was because of not giving them enough water and higher ph, so i added lemon and started watering them daily. They were very beautiful before i moved them and now i am pretty worried And wonder if someone can help me fix them. Thanks


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Hi BiggC I might be tempted to tap those out of their cups and see what the roots look like. I imagine with how much greenery you have they are pretty established, maybe constricted. Could be root bound!

They look wet now, if they are like that all the time, you could be overwatering them. Weed plants need a good dry between feedings.

You probably should try to get a handle on your water pH and soil and how you will replace your nutes and such and what pot/soil you will be up potting them into..but at this point they should be ok with a good dry. Like bone dry. Sahara desert! My two cents! CHeers and good luck! :yahoo:
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