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Plant leaves showing light brown spots, not sure what it is?


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Hello, I am growing Durban Poison and the plant is showing small brown spots. Plant is growing light green as well. Went great the first week. On day 3 of second week and these spots have popped up. Here’s the details:

-water kept at 68 degrees (although it ran hot first week at about 80).
-RO water with cal mag added.
-fox farm nutes as directed (big bloom, grow big, microbrew)
- ph between 5.5 and 6.5,
- plant is on its second week (first week went fine).
- co2 levels are 1500+
-temperature = 71 at night, 81-86 in day.
- humidity .. 65 last week. 60 this week.
- using 600 watts of led at 24 inches as per manufacturers recommendation (using two platinum led 300, one is over my other plant which is a week older and growing with no issues).
- been misting with water (May be light burn ?)
- just sprayed with been oil for the first time today

Happened after I changed water and added full strength nutes (as recommended for seedlings and clones). Used 1/2 strength the first week. Have diluted with 1.5 gallons of RO water since (entire system takes about 5 gallons total). PH kept steady.

Please help !!!!!!!!


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If you dumped any water down in the hydroton it's probably just nute splash did you mean neem oil you sprayed on them that could be it to also if you used what they say that's to much never run fox farms but most only use 50% of recommended what manufacturers say
Also start a journal on here there's alot of people willing to help
Welcome to 420 countless hours will be lost but so much will be learned


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First glance I'd say it's splash. Better pics will help....


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Hey guys, you are the best... appreciate the responses ! Ill start doing grow journal / YouTube vids once I get it under control, because it’s inportant that we support each other in keeping this art alive and well.. ever since dispensaries took over it’s hard to find good weed.. even if you have the crazy $ to buy top shelf.. because everyone is growing commercially now and no one is as focused on the quality..... at least that’s how it seems - or maybe I’ve just become immune to THC after so many years.. lol but thank you guys again!

Also, attached are more pics! It was on one bottom leaf, next day on more leaves on that node.. now faintly showing up on the node above. Also, mean *neem oil (not bean oil) in my first post.


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Here’s how it’s coming along. I trimmed the yellowing leaves off and gave the other plant a trim to match. Other plant is still growing healthy... things were fine for a while until it started again, on the bottom leaves first... moving to the top leaves within a few days.

I think this might be a nitrogen deficiency, I’ve been feeding based on PPM of resovoir.. but thinking maybe one plant is sucking the nitrogen out .. or maybe it’s a calcium deficiency (been adding cal mag as directed at 100%).... adding more nitrogen (grow big) to resovoir today in case that helps... also going to foliage feed with FF flower kiss (has sulfate, calcium, and nitrogen). Maybe I should be using tap water instead of distilled? At a loss, but let’s see how it goes. If this is some sort of fungal infection I’m probably done for.. will hit it with more neem oil (haven’t done so in two weeks since before it was trimmed.


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How exactly are you mixing your nutes
Like what they recommend might be to much are you still running co2 don't think that would cause it but I've never ran it but your 1500 ppm sounds high what is your target ppm for water and what is it dropping or rising I'll go ahead and tell you if it's rising you feeding to much
You say your system hold 5 gal is it rdwc or do you have separate buckets
One other thing is your air pumps out of the room if not could they be pumping co2 into your water and not enough oxygen
It's something simple they're young enough to rebound and kick ass still
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