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Plant Problems


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I've been struggling with my plants for a while and coming here was my last resort, but I figure I could use some outside insight.

First off, this is my first grow ever. They've been vegging for about a month. I have 6 plants in 5 gallon pots and 1 plant in a 3 gallon pot. I think I may have gotten over zealous, which is the reason I potted them is such huge pots.

Anyhow, two of my plants are doing great, the other 5, not so much. I have drooping leaves, leaf edges curling up on one, and all of them are significantly stunted.

All the articles I've read say my problem is either over-watering, under-watering, low/humidity, and even pH. I've taken measure to correct all of these but with no such luck.

Temps are consistent at around 78.
Humidity is usually between 45 and 50.
Lights run at 18/6.
I've watering them about once a week waiting for them to almost dry up completely (including my healthy plants).
I've been using filtered faucet water, adjusting the pH as necessary (with pH down).
I don't know if this is important either, but my run off pH is very low, around 4.

Seriously guys, I need some help. I'm at my wits end. Anything would help. Thanks in advance.

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You pot size is great,You made the right choice there. You may need to flush the 5 not doing good. Are you letting water sit for 24/48 hours before giving to plants? Filtered water does not take all the chlorine out. It sounds like a Ph problem to me. Start with flush and read the run off after done to see if it gets back too 6 and up. when Ph jumps up and down like that, it can cause leafs to curl.

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Ohh I forgot to throw this in there. You are better off using non filter water unless it is a R/O system. Just use tap and let sit out for 48 hours or even better fill a 5 gallon bucket and put a fish tank air stone in it to get rid of all chlorine. One reason for this is tap water has minerals like calcium and magnesium. Filtering water removes the majority of these minerals. So keep in mind when using filters or R/O you may need to add extra Cal Mag.
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