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Plant yellowing from bottom up?


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Hey friends. So It seems as though some foliage towards the bottom of my plant had turned yellow, died and fallen off and now the fan leaves closest to the bottom are turning yellow? Did the old beginning growth just die off or do j have some sort of deficiency? The color of the bottom most leaves has definitely turned a yellower shade.


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a transplant may be in order
how long has it been growing and what size pot you using,looks half full
it may be a nitrogen call, they eat up the nutes once they really start going,your medium may be lacking
what lighting do you use?
i have to admit i always lose a few leaves at the bottom
i always thought my light (cfl grower) wasn't getting down there cause all the rest of the patient looked fine
maybe i will learn something here as well
take care and good luck


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looks like theres other issues going on also , looks like mites, thrips ect , i can see spots on alot of leaves there , having issues my self with copper couloured spots on my own plants plus bugs , pain in the butt if you ask me lol

Good luck :thumb:

I didn't even notice until you said that. You are correct, there are other issues also, good catch.


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It's an outdoor grow, and it's been maybe a month in that pot. I bought some high nitrogen potting soil and I'm going to transplant it into a larger pot because I can see roots through the bottom holes. Thanks for your help guys. I think the ph is around 6.5, I just fed it nutes so il post what happens. Thanks!


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i bet after it gets used to the new home you get a spurt of growth
man that is 1 month? well dude you are doing something right
nice rate of growth
looking forward to your update


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Hey doooods so I transplanted my girl into a larger pot and when I was doing so I could see that the majority of the roots were in fact at the bottom of the pot so I put them in a soil with a high nitrogen content and fed her like crazy with grow big and big bloom and she seems to be doing very well now. The yellow leaves at the bottom are turning much greener and there is a substantial amount of new growth too!

Thanks again for all your help guys much appreciated !
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