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Planted the clones finally

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I added nutrients yesterday its been almost 3 weeks. I started them in water that had a ph of around 6.0 with General Hydroponics Flora Micro and Grow.
1 tsp of each per gallon each tank has about 15 gallons in it.
I took a gallon container of water and added 9 tsp of grow 6 tsp of Micro and 3 tsp of bloom. I added the same to both tanks.
Will this be enough to add once a week from now till its time to flower?
A TDS meter is on my list.


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How much water is in your rez when it is full?

That should be about 2" below the baskets.

At this point never let the water get any higher then that.

I keep the same mix through veg and at this point they should be able to take full veg nutes.( but that should be about 50 to 75% of what GH says)

Are you putting anything in there to keep the root safe like z7 or hydroguard?

At this point you should get a 5gal bucket to do your mix in and then add it when needed to your rez's

I let mine run down to just above the stones before I fill back up 2" below the baskets.I also keep a stone it the mix bucket myself.

If it last for more then a day or two before you need to mix another one.
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When I planted them the water level was about 1/4" above the bottom of the baskets. It dropped to about 1/2" below the baskets.
The gallon I added brought it up maybe 1/8". So its about 3/8" below the baskets. They are growing fast so the level should start to drop soon.
I don't want to add to much nutes do you have experience with Flora nutes?


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Oh and I added more to what I wrote before.

You should be at about 50 to 75% of what GH says.

That can be important.

You do not want to burn them.

Make them ask for for food before you give it to them.


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They are doing great!!

They will get pale if they need more food.

Those look very happy with what they are getting.

But remember it that there is a delay in what we see.

I am very worry about you not having something in the water to protect the roots.

That is a real big deal in DWC without a chiller.

I had a lot of issues with root rot and slime when I first started DWC.

The plant would look fine and then the next day the roots could be cover in slime.

Please try to fine some like Z7 water treatment(i think is the best thing for you) or Hydroguaurd or something like that.

I do not want to see what happened to me happen to you.

You could have a really nice plant in the morning and it be on the ground that night.

It happened to me.

That really sucked and it would take out all the plants in that rez at the same time and I mean it could happen over night.

Bamm they are toast or set back for weeks.

So I say Please get something. I want to see to you have a great crop....
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I added 45ml of H2O2 to both reservoirs yesterday. 24 hours later they still look healthy.
Today is day 27. They have grown a noticeable amount in 24 hours.


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I am wondering if I should be removing some of the big fan leaves from the plants
to allow more light to get to the branches that are sprouting lower down?



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I am wondering if I should be removing some of the big fan leaves from the plants
to allow more light to get to the branches that are sprouting lower down?

That is the way I do a lot of mine. I will pull just a couple of the almost top fans and let light down into the plant.
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I was checking them a couple days ago and noticed the 5 plants in the right tank were a lighter green color
than the 4 in the other tank. I fed them and the next day they had their color back.
I added 3 TBSP of Grow 2 TBSP of Micro and 1 TBSP Bloom to a liter of water and added the same to each tank.
The PH is still holding at 6.
Last night I topped the 4 tallest plants. I am going to give the rest a few more days.

I am also curious about trimming to get 8 to 10 colas. Should I trim off all the growth nodes that
sprout on the colas?


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Sounds like you have everything under control.

Once you top and remove a few of the top fan leaves the light will get down into the plant and you should start to get more vertical growth.

Then you just pull a few more fans every now and then if they start to block to much of the light getting down into what will become colas.


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That sounds like alot of nutrients for a gallon of water double check your recipe on bottle or Web unless gn is watered down alot I got an and use 3/4 of a ounce to 5 gal of water
Also that plywood worries me watch it for mold on the bottom I built a cover for my reservoir and had mold on it don't know if maybe slopping some paint on it will help just what I ran into