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Planted the clones finally

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I checked the bottom of the plywood last night. Its wet and there is no mold.
The nutrients were added to about 60 liters of water. I am new at this and I don't have a meter.
They are growing and look healthy and nice and green and no burnt leaves. I will post some pics again soon.


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Those are looking great!!

Just keep doing what you are doing...

My guess is you will need to switch to 12/12 in about a week.

Because they are going to over grow each other.

That is a lot of plants in not much space.

So far you are really doing great.
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I did some trimming on them last night. I would like to see them grow to 24 to 30 inches tall before
I switch them to a 12-12 light cycle.

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Today is day 65 I am going to switch them to a 12/12 light cycle soon.
I need to trim some of the fan leaves and I need to drain and refill the reservoirs.
I have to figure out how to do that.




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They are looking great!

You should think about doing some defoliation and lollipopping when you go to 12/12

Anything that is not going to be get good light should be cut off so they will focus their energy on making big buds.

Also you want air to be able to move through them so you don't end up with mold.

They are going to go crazy week two and three of flower and you need to prepare for that when you make the switch.

Myself I would be lollipopping up about 30%.

Below that will not make good bud and it will save on nutes and let air up into them.
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Thanks Duke0
I just finished lollipoping them. It was a bit of a chore with 9 plants in that small of an area.
I drained both reservoirs and refilled them with flowering nutes and changed the timer to 12/12 and switched the lights to flower.
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They are looking great!

At this point I would lollipop them up 30% to get rid of what will be popcorn buds and focus their energy on making big ones up top.

Plus it will let air move through them better.

But well done. You have a nice crop going there...