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Plants grown with Lush Lighting LED grow lights from around the world.

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Here is a great go to place to see the crops others are growing with Lush Lighting. There are close to a 1000 growers using Lush Lighting LED grow lights and the #'s continue to climb. Not everyone has time to post threads and grow journals so with their permission we're sharing them for you to see! These will consist of a lot of different growing styles from dirt to hydro and everything in between. We have soil, coir, rockwool, peat moss, hydroton and examples of even mixed media results. Some are in tents while others have rooms and even warehouses. We have organic and synthetic growers so it's going to be great to share all the results here in one place for easy review. Keep it healthy and be sure to let everyone know cannabis cures cancer!

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Some call it bud porn. I call it Utopia! Growing your own cannabis is one of the most fulfilling things you can do. It can even be therapeutic!
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Some plants grow really big knolas!
Pineapple Skunk meet Pineapple Chunk
big plants when grown with Lush Lighting will penetrate up to 3'. No need to lolipop. Tops are around 20"-24" away from 2x lens series Lush Lights and bottoms will finish even 5' away from lights.
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I love great cannabis!
Girl Scout Cookies shows it's not all about the tech. Technology and cultivation techniques only bring out the best of the genetics.
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Girl Scout Cookies all cured up. This is not for casual smokers!
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Resin explosion!
Lush vs HPS side by side by cultivation center in Colorado
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When quality and quantity matter most, investing into the right equipment is priceless!
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Tangie grown by Cannabis Cup winner Corey Dennis
even the bottoms on those 3' tall plants finish extremely frosty and dense
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How much resin can cannabis produce? Not sure, we're still pushing the limits!
Some plants get to be nearly 5' tall under the Dominator 2xXL. Still finishes all the way to the bottom up to 7' away from our biggest light!
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Sometimes plants do get too big and need to be super cropped. Our goal is produce near direct sunlight at canopy level. This means anything closer than 2' to our Dominator 2xXL can become to much to handle. I know this seems like a far distance to keep plants away from lights. But, what we've achieved with interior grow lighting has never been achieved before. This will become the new standard. Single lens lights are still available for those that need to grow within 12" of our panels.
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New room coming together
Lush frosty nugs
Lots of big buds. Is Lush different from other LED's. Absolutely! They don't want to admit it, but we've been leading this market for a while now.
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Why grow a small canopy that's only 1/2 ounce per square foot. When using Lush Lighting, grow bigger plants! Increase the value of each sq. ft. in your garden to over an ounce per!
As you can see, even 6' away from our lights down at the bottom of the plants, they still finish off with big buds. Penetration does increase when using Hydro LED Light | Lush Lighting | 888-960-4LED grow lights!
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big plants = more weight
quality and quantity
We support the cannabis community more than all the other grow lighting companies combined. Support those that support what you believe in. We're helping to end prohibition!
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How much resin do you collect in your trim tray? Hydro LED Light | Lush Lighting | 888-960-4LED increases resin so your plants taste better, smell better and have more medical benefits!
When using Lush Lighting LED grow lights your plants will root faster. In nature all electrical current flows to the ground. Since we increase the energy your plants absorb, the penetration goes up as well as the amount of energy available to grow roots. More roots = more fruits!
Don't grow blind. Special glasses for using LED grow lights!
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Grow big. The reason so many professional grow operations are switching to Hydro LED Light | Lush Lighting | 888-960-4LED is because these produce results unlike anything else. Faster growth the results in increase in quality and quantity of medical top grade cannabis.
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Thanks Killameds! Sure do! Just a little update though, Sam is on hiatus. This is Renae. I'm going to be helping out for a little bit. I'm actually Mrs. Lush Lighting. We'll be posting more photos soon. Stay tuned!
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Smokin' on that super Lush dank!
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