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Plants looking bad in my new grow room. RDWC


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These plants have been growing for 2 weeks in my new grow room.

The leaves look just awful as you can se in the pictures below. I cant find the problem.

Its the second week in grow.
The ph level in the water is good as always.
Temp of water is around 25-26 celcius. Airtemp the same.
I have the lights running 24/7.
I havent added any nutrians yet.
The oxygen stones are working fine.

I need help, i really need does ladys to grow well.

Lester Freeman

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Hello! I assume these are clones in hydro, I don't grow hydro but I figured I'd toss in a response. What is the pH of of the water?
You should also consider misting them to make sure their leaves don't transpire, and they focus on growing roots.

Also consider lowering the amount of light to a cycle of 18/6 instead, the plants seem to veg. best ~ 6 hours of darkness, at least in my experience. Just my two cents, hope it helps! :Namaste:
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