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Plants not growing!


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Hi new to all this....
I have just brought a kit and put it all together put my plants in there only few inch tall and they haven't grown one bit ! If anything they are leaning over now and some of the leafs have got a bit smaller!
Blue cheese and amniesa lemon
600 watt hps
2 cold intakes
One 5 inch fan
One carbon filter and extract fan
Temp is high at 85-90

Any ideas? Thanks


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My first guess would be your ph. If your ph is off, it can lockout your nutrients. Your temp is also pretty high. Please post some pics if you can.

Are you growing soil or hydro?
What is your PH?
If hydro, whats your PPM?


Hi thanks for the reply!
Will take some pics when I get home,
I'm in fresh soil at the mo ... Do not have a ph tester ATM
It's only been in there for few days but it was growing better outside in the sun!
I thought it wud b shooting


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get some pics of it, and put it in the sun if you got sun! :)
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