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Plants shooting upwards and leaves curling upwards - Like crazy!


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Hey Guys & Girls,

New grower here. Over the last few days I have noticed my plants crazy pointing upwards and leaves also curling upwards. What is up with that?
They are bagseeds - I think they are sativas. I got them in Cambodia, 2 different bags though (mixed up), one of the bags the dealer told me was skunk from Laos. The other i guess sativas from Cambodia.
I am using what I can find here - there is no indoor growing culture and barely any gardening done here in Hong Kong as there is no space! The grow medium from what I can tell is a mix of soil, coco ad perlite. Am using
3 x 65W CFL (2 x 6500k, 1 x 2700k)
2 x 24W CFL (2 x 6500K)
They got a bit stretched in seedling stage as I didnt sort out my grow box in time, but seem to be growing fine right now, just concerned about the pointing and curling. They are about 3 weeks from seed.
Any comments/advise much appreciated!

BTW how do you upload pictures here?

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:welcome: to :420: Love Dragon!
Pictures would definitely help.
Check THIS LINK on how to upload and post pictures on the forum.
You might want to start a journal to help members follow your grow and offer advice.


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Thanks Major!





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How close are they to your lights?
The brown spots on one plant - are they from touching the CFLs?

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Keep it! No biggie.

Do you know the temperature and RH at the leaves?
They look good but maybe(???) a little heat stressed. I'm not used to seeing leaves with quite that posture, but when they reach for the sky like that, it is usually a very good thing (healthy, vibrant).



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Im going to add a thermometer in there tomorrow. I feel it is a bit hot in the box - looking at improving ventilation.
Not too worried about humidity as ambient humidity is around 50%
Another interesting thing with a different plant, in fact 2 of them. Germinated the seed, planted it in soil, started growing normally, and then a couple of days later another seedling popped out of the soil. Weird eh. Check out the photos below
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