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Plants showing signs of sickness


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Hi there,
Here I am at my first real attempt to grow indoor, I am now at about 25 days and my plants are starting to show some problems and I am freaking out. I hope you can help me with soem good advice.

First of all my setup: SilverBox 3 x 3 x 6, Cooltube with 400w Metal Halide - Extractor fan inline with cooltube and carbon filter at 130 cfm - not great but I live in a colder area so heat is not a great issue - temp is around 27 degree - 23 when lights are off so I think they are ok - RH ranges from 50 to 60% atm - water PH quite stable in my area at 6.7

The above is all I have going on at the moment.

In the box i have 4 plants - Cheese - Shining SIlver Haze - Strawberry Cough - Northern Light all bought from either Dinafem or Royal Queen Seeds

The plants have germinated in cottton Wool and grown as seedlings in little pots to be transplanted just 6 days ago into 11l (3gallon) square pots. I had a very light mix in the tiny pots but in the new 11l pots I used John Innes no.2 soil mixed with Perlite at 60 soil - 40 Perlite

Since the transplant growth has definitely accelerated to my joy but then a couple of days ago I started to notice leaves wrinkling a bit on their superior part but only at the base of the leaves (where the stem is) and not at the top. Since then, the wrinkling has become more together with a slight curling upward of the leaves. Today I can see some tiny yellowi/brownish spots on a couple of leaves and also soem new leaves start to look very strange with their structure definitely more yellow then the rest of the leave (eg all the veins are yellow) I am attaching all pics I have and I am open to any advice really. I just hope not to have 20 different opinions otherwise it will be even more confusing for me but I thank you all in advance anyway for yuor support

Extra info - I have used no nutrients at all so far, so if it is nutrient burn could it be only from what is in John Innes no2?

I am sure I am doing something wrong but don't know what? Or am I over preoccupying?

Please fell free to tell me I am an idiot as well if I deserve it for not giving these nice plants the care they need

I am attaching pics where you see green of the top of the leave darker than the base - this is not a light joke it is actually how they look like - also you can see some tiny yellow/brown spots on one leaf.

Please if yuo need any extra info do not hesitate to ask

Thanks a lot again!!!!



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sorry I cant really help you as I am not a soil grower. but I would look into testing the ph of your soil. your water may be good, but if the soil level is out the water won't really matter. I would also think of it as minor problems as the plant look pretty good (I have seen lots worse). but I would suggest something is stunting growth, as my plants are usually way bigger 25 days in....hopefully an experienced soil guy will chime in...


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It contains Vitalizer: an entirely natural, long-lasting growth booster, likely this is your problem. It isd possible this Vitalizer is a bit strong for your babies. A 25 day old plant should stand ~12 inches tall and have side branching and such. I also read regarding this soil that if it is stored for more than a year, or has been stored outdoors during a frost, it can impair its productivity.
The pictured plants are runt seeds, this is unlikely but a possibility as well. (It Happens)
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