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Germinated perfectly in jar of warm water(few hours)
Ok i planted my babies on the 25th.(3 seedlings)
Everthing was going well. Had to take a trip(out of town)(few days).
Had my lady watch & water them. (When needed).

Running a 18/6
Fan stays on temp/humidity is perfect.

3 Cfl lights. 3-5 inches away for plants.

Starting mix: Sphagnum peat, horticultural vermiculite, wetting agents, perlite, lime, regular soil.

1st plant looks good
2nd plant stopped sprouting
3rd plant burnt on edges.

Over all they all stopped growing.

Im thinking my lady over watered them.
And it was to hot so they burnt up.(she turned heat up, was cold she said).

Everything back 2 normal. Been 24 hours. Plants havent budged. Help me are they dying or dead already.

1st time grower ive Done alot of reading, research, and homework. IM READY..

About 2 upload some pictures.(if site let me) have a high end phone 13mp camera.


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give it a couple days and see what they do
don't overwater make sure pot or cup whatever you have it in
is dry before you water completely dry pretty much
up just before they start to get limp
then water


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I flushed the soil now they back growing(slowly), but i see new leaves already.

The plant that wasnt fully sprouted didnt make it..
(well idk i clipped the burnt part, it wasnt getting taller but not sprouting).

But i had germinated 2 more seeds just in case they all died or 2/3 died..
So now ima have 4-5 plants..

Using bag seeds as a test run before i buy any. Well actually have some1 who can give me a few good seeds(on love). But ima start with a bag seed. So far going good.


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good for you im glad to hear its gonna work out sorry about the one that didn't make it but that why you started with bag seeds right?
btw if you don't have a journal yet might be good to start one
just put a link in your signature so when you post on site people can just hit the link in your signature to see your journal
easiest way to get help here as people like to jump in on new journals
they get more hesitant to join a journal with 100+ pages lol
some people are growing perpetual and only run one journal so it gets long
Good Vibes to you for your plants to get big and strong
Have a Great Weekend :thumb:


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Ok cool will do,, but should i use miracle grow all purpose plant food. NPK:20-20-20 OR NPK 24-8-16? When i start fertilizing in 2weeks?


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I would not use Miracle Gro fertilizer myself again. When I first started growing I use Miracle Gro potting would with time released nutrients thinking that adding additional fertilizer to the soil would be a good thing, I had many problems with the soil. Can you can get another type of fertilizer in your area?

Here is a guide on nutrients and how to use them

Nutes - What To Use & How To Use Them - Tutorial

I use General Hydroponics Flora series 3 part nutrients that can be mixed for all stages of vegetative growth and flowering. General Hydroponics Flora series can be used with hydroponic, soil and soiless mediums. nutrients flora series general hydroponics gh flora series performance pack


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I checking out your journal aswell(Nice) but i cant get any fox farm in my area. But i will call around to a few hardware, stores to see if they have any. But miracle grow is the best in my area.. i wouldnt mind driving.out the way for quality.. but if i cant get anu other.. which would be best?
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