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Plants stressed not sure the cause


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Hi all, this is our second grow so totals noobs still.
We have 2 plants going on 4 weeks in 6g dwc, 2-120w led fixtures, temps 70-89, rh 47%-52%.
We use r/o water,
Right now 640 ppm
50ml botanicare pro grow
15ml botanicare pure blend tea
5ml Skunk labs silica
15ml cal/mag
12ml Orca
15ml hygrozyme
30ml hydroguard

This week at water change ph was 5.3 two days later ph was up to 6.2!
Topped off with .5 gal r/o and pulled ph down to 5.9
The next day ph was up again to 6.1.
The following day ph was down to 5.9 again and has been going down by about .2 everyday since.
Our leafs are showing signs of stress and not sure if it's ph or something else.
Maybe we aren't feeding enough nutes?
Roots and res look and smell fine.
Here are some pics










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When Ya ph drops it tends to be lockout and them girls don't look happy flush them through pronto they'll be cushty

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Have u got any super vit if so drop a touch of the in easy on the dosage mind strong shit get some pretty cheap £15-20

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No we don't, would have to order it.
Have some super thrive but don't like using it.
We'll flush for a week and then try again


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I would say a mag deficiency. I would definitely bump up the calmag. My ladies do that as well grown under leds.. but yeah up the calmag and they'll green back up. Any other opinions?


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Well been flushing for 3 days and wanna add nutes back in.

Gonna up the nutes this time also.

Can we add all nutes to 1 gal of top off water and add that into the res?
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