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Plants too tall for ceiling

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I've been growing outdoors until winter started,have four flowering plants that are 6ft tall,live in a old farm house, low ceilings, old light sockets, please help
it's possble to bend them over and tie them down to deal with the height of the plants( it's not advisabe to cut them if they are fowering) I woudn't worry about using the old light sockets since they don't make a screw in timer only plug in models. you'lneed to figure out how big of a grow space and how much electric you going to need,
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Thanks for ur quick reply, going to buy a 220 plug, bend gently like u suggested, was hoping to put in the house instead of basement but wall sockets I'm told won't handle the volts and burn house down, I'm not giving up, this are going yo be remarkable buds, thanks again


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What are you doing with a 220 plug?

Wall sockets will be 120v or 240v. Installing a 220 plug doesn't guarantee 220 volts.

Not all lights/electric items are backwards compatible with 120/240.

The wiring in your wall is the biggest limiting factor on how much current you can run through it. Current = Amps. Most circuits will be 15 amps, and require 14 gauge wire. Next size up would be 12 gauge wire, and that's a 20 amp circuit.

The ballast would plug into the wall, but it depends on if it's a 120 or 240 volt ballast. Then you need to know what electric service you have.
wall sockets/plugs can handle the lights. That is provided the light are designed to operate at 120V and the circuit isn't fully loaded. I'm sure that's the case, many times in older homes, 1-2 fuses/breakers have most of the house on it. That doesn't mean you need a 220V plug. You need to figure out how much lighting your going to need and what for lighting your going to use and how you're going to control it before you go getting something you may not want/need like this 220volt plug. A 220 plug is going to little good without the proper wire and breaker/fuses installed with it.
If you use 120V light's/equipment everything is plug& play I'm not sure if you can find a 220V plug in timer to control your lights so you may need to hardwire a timer to control lights. you can get 4 400 watt lights on a 20 amp 120V circuit if they are the only thing on it, 3 if your adding fans

If you're in europe please pay me no attention since you don't have 120V available