Plato420's 2x2 Organic T5 - Ace of Spades 2014

So here is what things are looking like. Its day 27 flower for the ace of spades.

Day 51 Veg for Blackjack. I have topped her a few times and trying my best to keep her manageable in the tiny space i have for veg.















Blackjack day 51 veg
can't wait to see that black jack if flower.
Yes likewise. I'm looking at the end of this month, somewhere around the 28th, harvest for the ace of spades so the clock is ticking. I will be doing a SCROG the Blackjack and transplant to a 5 gallon container prior to flower. She should be epic with lots of tops.:lot-o-toke:

I'm going to start PH testing my soil to see if I can correct some of the issues but none the less still growing some top notch home grown.
Yeh I havent had to buy smoke in like 9 months, budy had to share sum awesome smoke with me, it wasnt as good as mine made me kina happy.

Lol... Nice I feel ya. I'm looking forward to not visiting a dispensary... oh so looking forward to a perpetual grow. I'm getting there but still some issues with the cab.

The door warped from having the dehumidifier so close. This caused the door to not seal like it once did and a tiny light leak is leaking into the flower cab from the Veg area. No shafts of light so and very minimal, I think it should be good for now. Once the BJ is in flower I will not be running the veg in the same box.

So a few things have changed. I shut off the dehumidifier completely about 4 days ago and just notices some PM again. No good so I clipped everything I could see and only on the plant nearest the door has it so its definitely related to the veg area. So I'm pulling the Blackjack from the cab. BJ is in my bathroom with the light on until tomorrow when I can figure out somewhere to place her. Also I noticed a teeny tiny little bug of some sort on one of the lower buds. I was shocked! Still am shocked geez... clipped the bud I saw it on immediately. oh uggggggggg. I was examining the leafs for Powdery mildew and noticed quite a bit of heat stress on the leaves. This cabinet grow is just as much work as my 4x4 tent grow, it really is. Climate was easier to control in the tent vs the Cab and has been sort of finicky with the door starting to warp.

They are looking nice... sort of... Geez they are actually looking like fall with reds and yellows on several leaves but some also turn necrotic and die. I think they will turn out, however only because of a constant eye on them any lag time could spell disaster because of the less than ideal climate lately. I was never able to get the temp down to the proper level, still at 87 -93 peak. Oh boy do I ever look forward to having the space to expand to my tent again... LOL. Looking at the Top LED's and might invest in one of them for the Cab and and hope to be just on time to start the BJ Flowering. Anyway I will post update pics soon.
THis is what I'm currently smoking.
Veganic Shark Shock
Hope all goes well

Thanks Dusty! I'm doing my best to save them. I am still battling the PM and found some things about pests and I do believe the leaf damage was not heat related its actually the tiny little pests I found the other day. I am not sure but they seem like Thrips, pic to come soon.
Here is some Potography from Wednesday last week. I will post some pics of the pest damage soon.

I realized most of the pest damage occurred to only the bottom few branches that were close to the soil so I clipped a couple of branches with the heaviest damage. Again not ideal but its better then having to try to spray with anything more. Does anyone know if you can spray SM - 90 with only 3 weeks left till harvest?

I will be doing lots of preventative maintenance for the blackjack now that I know I will have PM issues and a thrip or some other pest concern.

The plan is to spray with an organic solution will research this a bit more before I lock in the formula. I will spray 1 week before flower and then the day of or day after switching to 12.5/11.5

Current possible formula.
Neem Oil
1/4 amount called for PM cure
a couple drops of a wetting agent.

Future grows i will not be using Happy Frog soil. I'm going to start TLO style with a base soil of possibly roots organic or Black Gold organic.

Anyway here is the POTOGRAPHY from last week.
Mmmmmm things looks Yummy:goodjob:

Head over to a home depot or lows and get an AC/Dehumidifier combo. The one i have set me back $160-200 but it helps take care of my Humidity problems and keep my temps perfect in the summer.

Hey Thanks Yummytrees! I Will be investing in a AC/dehumidifier soon. Apparently not soon enough because I have to harvest today:( Its 10 days early but i had to keep clipping PM and buds had been going in the trash so I decided they need to come down;( The Ace was in the dark for 24 hours and I'm about to do so trimming.

Thanks yummytrees!
So here is some More POTography. This is the last set of picks before harvest. Like I said I'm about 10 days early for harvest but with the MP and the Thrips it's time they come down. They have sat in the dark for 24 hours and about to clip. I will post harvest pics and will separate any PM buds from buds that look clean. I have gotten good at spotting PM even on the tric covered leaves so I'm hoping I can get some nugs I'm okay with smoking. I may chalk this grow up to a learning experience because its hard to want to smoke herb that is not 100% pure and clean. Non the less I will clip, dry and cure like normal and see how the end product turns out.



Here is some PM pics

Hey thanks for all the support here! I hope to grow next to you guys and gals here again soon!

This is the last post of this grow. I will create a new journal for the BlackJack when it makes it to flower time!

Lesson learned on this one was I should have sprayed with a neem oil one week before flower and then the first week of flower this would have kept the Thrips away. I will be creating a preventative maintenance blend for use from now on which is a blend of Sm90, neem oil and a small amount of PM cure with PH'd water and a small drop of Dawn unscented.

Final weight is 41g this is after tossing over half the plants in the trash because of PM. I have not smoked the herb yet it sort of freaks me out that it had both Thrips and PM. The herb has no smell at all and also had no smell while growing. I'm not sure if I will ever smoke this herb. I will try some at a later date to see if its worth keeping around.

Here are the pics from harvest and the dry final product.
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