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can anyone give me a little info after following a light and chem sch i havested way to early some of my plants. im growing indoor hyydro
i now have a few plants i have waiting 6 more weeks and they look good i will harvest shortly someone tell me how long has it taken you before harvest i know condition matter i just need a generall idea and can you wait to long

it has been 4months
thank you in advance
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Re: plafulbro

umm, not sure what you are asking, once into flower, most strains take 7 to 9 weeks for finish.
The veg period, before going 12/12 into flower is all up to you... how big you want or can afford to let them get before inducing flower!

4 months would be way too long for my tastes... very expensive when considering the light bill!


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Re: plafulbro

t y for yr input i understand much better now 4month is total from seed to now about 10 weks into flower 12--12 and for up to me helps alot i have a # of new plants that have just begun so i will watch and decide when they are ready cfor flower chem and 12-12 light then @ 9 weeks i will hope to harvest

thanks again P B
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