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playing music to your plants?


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I have heard some things about talking to your plants and reading and singing to them and recently I have heard that you can play music to them and I was wondering had anyone ever tried this and how where the results of playing music to your plant and what type of music did you play to them ?


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Lol.. I know they like the CO2 from your breath be it singing or talking. If you get tired of that you can just blow on them.. same thing. As for music? you better check the parents background so you don't play Nirvana to a Jamacan or Ozzy to a Maui Wowie... Pisses them off something terrible.


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Actually, Mythbusters did a test on this, around Season 5, I believe, where they tested silence, sweet talking, nasty and screaming, classical, metal, and silence, all voices on looping CD's, and ran the experiment. They screwed it up, since the water system failed, and they used seeds, instead of clones. However, because the water system affected all plants equally, at the same time, they declared the experiment still valid.

The end results were surprising, and it was that from the best growth to the worst: Metal, Classical, Screaming and nasty talking, sweet talking, silence.

My hypothesis on this is that the following things happen:
Under normal conditions, plant stomata transpirate and diffuse O2 away and take in CO2. this is similar to having a room that sits with a door open, but no breeze and only that one door open. Sure, the furthest corner should be able to diffuse CO2 and take in O2, but it's slow. Think of ping pong balls slowly rolling all around the floor. sure, as the light, heat and the rest might slowly make the balls mill in and out, it's kinda slow.
But, the hypothesis is that the sound waves compress and excite molecules, allowing for the transpiration process accelerate, allowing the plant to take in more air.

But, the hypothesis on why this is not used more often is because outdoors, plants have wind, and indoors, most growers, dealing with heat issues anyways, just use fans to do a similar thing. However, I do plan on testing this, not only lackadaisically, but also in serious scientific methods of testing with music modes, and sounds of voices and animals, as well as testing tones.

Sorry, the sound's kinda suck, but it should let you see it. I have the whole episode myself.
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