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Please comment on my progress / need feedback from the pros


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hello everyone :)

this is my first time growing and i would very much appreciate all of your professional thoughts/feedbacks/comments on my progress :)

see attached pictures :











information :

*strains : white widow (mixed, primarily indica) and train wreck (90% sativa, 10% indica).

*i am growing them indoors, in a small room

*this is the 10th day of their growth

*soil is an ordinary mix bought from a local place

*i use water from tap after letting it sit down for more than 24 hours in a bucket (the pictures i took are right after i watered...)

*i used a fertilizer of these parameters N=10%, P=7% and N=9% only once in my latest watering and used only half the amount stated on the label (this was the only fertilizer i could find...)

*lighting is made of 4 long (1.2 meters?) T5 fluorescent tubes (2 cool whites and 2 warm whites) that are ON 24/7. just for the record, i have to say that i open the window during day time to let a little bit of day light into the room, but not directly onto the plant. i do that because of extra fresh air and some extra light frequencies that might help the plant!?

*humidity where i live is about 60% most of the time, and i leave a small fan working 24/7 above the plants but not directly at them

*temperature outside is 31-22C (that means 88-72F), and i'm not sure exactly what is the temp inside in the growing room but probably only a bit cooler than outside temp...

some questions :

1) the leaves of plant no.4 are a bit cupped down as can be seen in the pictures, why? what should i do? (no yellowing of the leaves at all...)

2) is the fact that i am opening the window shades during daylight outside is a bad thing? (again, not direct sun or even a lot of light enters the room from outside when the window is open)

3) is my lighting sufficient? (i am planing to add a 400watt halogen light in flowering stage)

hope to read your comments!!!

thank you so much :)
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im no pro but things look good just remember to watch those water droplets on the leafs they act like a magnify glass if the light reflects thru them and burn your babys


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thanks Raiderdave! actually i once experienced what you're talking but when i grew something else entirely (a cactus...!) but back then it was outside under the very hot and blazing sun..., i'm not sure if this applies to fluorescent light as well but you are most definitely right that i should not take any chances what-so-ever...! bottom line, these ARE my first girls ever ;)


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i understand that its better to under do things than to over do them, and that this is true both to watering and nutes... right? i have no idea really how fertile is my soil... and regarding watering, it seems that my soil needs watering only twice a week at the most...!
trying to be a cool about it as can be, i have read so many times that the most common mistake that beginners do, is to do too much :)

thanks and i'll be posting soon with updated photos...


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another question comes to mind...
although i have read a lot over the last month, i haven't seem to encounter any information about sprinkling (spraying) water on plants, well on the leaves to be more precise... :)
how often should i do it?
does it depends on humidity percentages in my grow room? or maybe temperature?
anyone knows?


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"information about sprinkling (spraying) water on plants, well on the leaves to be more precise...
how often should i do it?" Unless you are feeding them with a b1 spray or sum such do not Place water on the leaves. br


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Lookin good, like Bud stankalot said, you probably dont need food for a while for em. Water em like how your doing, but the last plant looks either over or under watered, but id wait it out a little while just to make sure, so keep your water plan the same for now.

For the nutes, when they get a little bigger, start off with 1/4 power, then move up to 1/2.

For your tap water, make sure you pH it to 6.5 so that you dont run into deficencies later on.



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put a fan on those girls. helps strengthen the stems as well as keeps em cool .halogen lights are wortless for flower or any stage for that matter you need hps for flower

Matanuska Valley

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You can do it under fluorescent only for veg stage, but you could add 2 to 4 more, 4 footer for flowering tho and it would help...
It will cost you more to run 400 watt MH then the fluorescent light. it is a trad off,I do only fluorescent now...
I did both for years its easier just run 1 lighting system fluorescent or HPS or MH


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braynes - so you're saying not to spray water on the leaves at all??? wow, that took me by surprise...! i didn't know it a bad thing at all. but i'll sure take your lead on that :)

ccccider - i have placed that stick there, on that specific plant, only because it grew with an off set azimuth for some strange reason, and i wanted to correct his direction... i have already taken the stick out and it grows straight up now :)

xbox4him - i'm still trying to find from where to buy the liquids that reduces and increases the ph levels, its not easy to find those liquids where i live :)
i have to upload new photos, looks like i do have some deficiencies already :(
and i still don't understand how to spot and diagnose problems and their fixes cause most of the things look the same...

skydy - i do have a fan, just haven't taken a picture of it :)

Matanuska Valley - you were one step ahead of me :) i have just finished reading the halogen is shit (when growing weed) and i wonder if you found the fluorescent lighting equally, better or worse than HPS or MH in terms of how much yield you get eventually?
my lighting won't be sufficient for flowering?



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"braynes - so you're saying not to spray water on the leaves at all??? wow, that took me by surprise...! i didn't know it a bad thing at all. but i'll sure take your lead on that"

No that is not what I was trying to say, If you are feeding clones,seedlings,sick plants,etc. I would mist the bottom of the leaf but water on top will many(or most) times result in leaf burn.


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At first glance your nutes look more like flowering nutes, than vegging. I've been using MG Tomato nutes during the veg stage for years, along with Green Light Super Bloom for flowering with excellent results. Second, during vegging, MJ likes high humidity levels, so I've always used a spray bottle to keep mine moist during this phase. I use CFL's, and have not had a problem with water droplet burn like you would see with direct sunlight.

Sufficient light is the key to reaping a good crop, and is essential during the flowering stage. In my own grows, I use 8 42W CFL's per plant, for a total of 21,500 lumens in a 2 ft square enclosure.

Hope this helps.


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thanks for your comments braynes and OldSkoool !!! :thanks:
there has been some development i'll take the time now to upload new photos.
interesting how growing MJ is one of the most fun things i've ever done :)
(and i have done fun things before...)


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Ok, here are some new photo!!! this is day17...! :)

plant no.4
(weird looking plant, look at the bigger leaves, don't they look like basil!?)

plant no.3

plant no.2

plant no.1 (has some kind of deficiency right???)

all 4 plants

And again, please comment and feedback...,
and what do you think about plant no.1 and plant no.4???

Cheers mates :tokin:


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as you've noticed on my previous post, plant no.4 has some of its lower/older leaves turning yellow and crisp... so i have decided to flush for the very first time and to cut those leaves!

i hope that what i did is a good thing and that the plant will benefit from it...

of course i plan to fertilize it with 1/4 or 1/2 of the amount stated on the label once it's dried up from all the water.

now, this always confused me regarding flushing:

1) they keep telling me not to overwater, but isn't flushing the mother of overwatering??? and wouldn't flushing soaks the soils so bad that the root would be able to breath at all???

2) when exactly should i fret the soil? after flushing or during flushing? if it's after the flushed soil has dried then how would the plant live a couple of days without nutes in the soil???

cheers mates and have a good smoke ;)
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