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Please Help 1st Week Into Flowering - Phosphorus Deficiency


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Hey buddy, what nutes are u using? you should only use proper stuff for cannabis if you're not. I would flush with PH water first then make sure your PH level is right from then on or the plants won't be getting any important nutes. Bear in mind the affected leaves won't recover. Also its important not to overwater & ensure the temp isnt too cold. Good luck


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Fill this out quick and we will solve it faster:
How many plants? What strains?
How old are they?
Indoor or outdoor?
How big is your area if its indoors and is it well ventilated?
What medium/soil are you using?
Whats the size of the containers?
What's your lighting set up?
What's the temperature and humidity like at any given time?
What's your ph like, both medium and nutes?
Any pests around?
What is your watering schedule like?


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6 plants plus a baby clone I just bout for the hell if it; put it straight into flowering.
Three were clones and three were seeded. Clones are a month older than the seeded plants.
Clones: Sugar Mama, Blueberry, and Big Bud
Seeded: Two are Yoda and the other one is unknown but I think it might be green crack; think so.
Indoor of course.
Grow area: 2X4X5
Pro-mix HP Mycorrhizae; that's all besides the nutes
Been using Dyna-gro veg foliage and cal-mag
Just used the Dyna-gro Mag-pro once about 4 days ago.
2 gallon pots
I been using a 300w incandescent bulb most of the time till
I inserted an additional two 1200 lumen LED Phillip lights
BUT I just received my new LED light P450 from Platinum Grow Lights
It's bright as hell. Got it last week.

Plants were showing little signs of it buts in the last 3 to 4days this deficiency or
Something just took over. Help...

Temp has been in the mid 70s to high 80s with humidity in the 70s

Clone plants veg for three months; seeded plants two months

I do have spider mites and I have been trying to control them with some essential oils
I purchased and made my own spray. Rosemary 3%, peppermint 2%, and lavender 1.5%. I'm about to
Buy some ladybugs. Hope that works.

And I water them about every week till the pot is a bit light.

Hope this helps you help me

Thanks a lot


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Ok I see some things you can change. That 300W incandescent probably does very little for the plant, I'm assuming you switched to the LED at this point which is good, the plants need more light of the right kind, like LED, HID, or CFL. Your room sounds a bit too hot and humid, ideally you want temps and humidty at 74-79F and 55-60% for veg, and for flower you want 70-74F and 40-45%. Anything over 85F and plants start spending energy on cooling off instead of growing. Any humidity over 65% can invite bugs or mold, so best to keep it below this at any given time. For mites, check this out: http://www.420magazine.com/forums/p...sierra-natural-science-spider-mite-spray.html I've heard most SNS products work well. A good preventative for next time is Neem oil, you make a solution of it and spray it onto the plants every few weeks in veg, any bug that eats Neem oil is done for.
A few other questions, what's your ventilation like in the tent? And what nutes do you use? Also gotta know the ph of the nute solution you are giving them and the runoff.


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Ok compared the ingredients of the Foliage pro to my Fox Farm Grow Big, they look very similar. You must need more micronutrients if you haven't been using any, also keep using the cal-mag. I use Fox Farm Big Bloom and GH Microflora Hardwater for micronutrients with my Promix HP, same medium as yours. I also aim for ph of 6.0 so all good there. Your waterings sound fine.
So if you haven't been using any micronutrients I'd get some a.s.a.p. And what kind of fans do you have? Need to know the size and stuff


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I got 2 fans: white and black

White fan: Is actually a humidifier but I took the water tank out. It's on the front left hand corner.
See previous tent photo.
Black fan: It's on the right backside cornering top of dictionary and box (ha, yea I need to change that).

Just ordered a smaller clip-on fan so I can take out that black fan. It's kind of big for the tent and my babies
Need the space.


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I've used lady bugs and you need to make them a home like an old cloning tray. Throw a sponge soaked in sugar water, some raisins and a type of shelter. They need a place to breed believe it or not. Release them in this area. If not 100s will die In the first few days. Only the young ones hunt a lot so it takes time for there effect to be seen. The old onrs(the ones that get sent to you) are just old and fat and fornicate all day.

As you can see lol.
I've tried the extracts and oils with medium success. Neem works well as preventive. Sierra natural science works well, and I have yet to see anything that works like mighty wash. You can find out how to make on youtube. Most people mess up thinking you spray once and they are gone. Spray on days 1,2,4,7,14,21,28. Then continue with a preventive or switch to predator mites. Those guys work really well! They eat 10x more then ladybugs and reproduce much faster.
As for your plants, in my humble opinion, foilar spray with some seaweed extract, get rid of those curled burnt leaves that are probably harbor ing mites. They tend to make them curl as they suck out the juice and the plant tries to retain any. Then feed with some fish emulsion...(king Neptune is cheap and works wells, smells like old bait, always wondered if purée of icefishing bait would do the same). Isn't going to bring back your leaves but will stop the process.
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