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Please Help a first time grower! I'm panicking - You're too kind!


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Hello everybody!

As you can see, I'm a new member here. I've already posted in the Introduce Yourself section( Hello! ). I've lurked and learned a lot here over the last couple of years. I've never had a chance to grow until recently. Now having problems, I'm freaking out and seeking out help from someone with major knowledge/skills, lol! Even though I just typed "lol", this is no laughing matter. Please bear with me in this. I will try to be as thorough as possible with my explaination as to how this grow has ended up where it is now, because I only have crappy cellphone pics, sorry.. Detailed explaination to follow, here are the vitals-


Strain - Indica - The Dope (Endless Sky x Chumaluma)
# of Plants - 1
Grow Type - Soil/Soilless mix
Grow Stage - Vegetative
Bucket Size - 7 Gallon fabric pot
Lights - (1) 26W spiral cfl 6500k in 10"-round "worklight" housing- on 24/0 schedule(so far), kept approx 3" away from top
Nutrients - Blue Mountain Organics (specifics for different formulas below)
Medium - Equal parts- FoxFarms Happy Frog Soil/Canna Coco, 15%-20% perlite, 1 cup dolomite lime per 1cu ft of soil mix
PPM - 180ish*.........*This per nute manufacturer, any higher will cause nutes to drop out of solution; it's organic
PH - 6.5-6.8*.........*Is what I'm shooting for, but as you'll see, I have a hunch that my problems lie here
RH - 50% to 70%
Room Temperature -70 to 80
Solution Temperature -70 to 77
Room Square Footage - 3'x3'
Pests - None Known

Ok, for anyone thats here, thank you.... I started this plant from seed. The seed was germed via the paper towel method on 8/22. The seed/taproot sprout was planted in the soil(less)mix on 8/24 within a 1.5"x1.5" seedling cell, placed on a heating mat and covered with a humidity dome, like this...


The soil(less)mix in the seedling cell was moistened with RO H2O* with General Organics CaMg+ mixed in @115ppm and pH'd to 6.4.
*My RO filter is a 5 stage unit, with a 6th stage being a remineralization "filter" to add trace minerals back into the H2O for drinking. Without the 6th stage the H2O measures 000ppm. With the 6th stage in place the H2O measures around 033ppm. I don't know if that makes a difference or not, but I wanted to let it be known, as the 6th stage is always engaged, ya feel me??...

The seedling sprout broke ground the next day 8/25. I kept it moist by hitting it with 2-3 squirts from a squirt bottle of the CaMg+ H2O @115ppm twice a day, kept on a 24/0 light schedule. 7 days later on 9/1, I moved it into a 4.5" pot, like this...


The soil in the 4.5" pot was moistened with BMO Super Plant Tonic(pH'd to 6.6) in the hopes that after a few days, the microorganisms would start colonizing the soil(less)mix and be ready for the first round of nutes. I've since read that this BMO Super Plant Tonic is safe to use from seed. Here it is...



Here she is...

4 days later on 9/5, I gave her, her first feeding with 1/2 strength veg nutes, BMO* Grow It Green(pH'd to 6.5).
*FYI, the nute manufacturer BMO recommends mixing their products with H2O with a reading of NO MORE than 180ppm. I'll post the BMO "FAQ" lower down for anyone interested.
Anyways, it's this stuff...



Then 3 days later on 9/8, I watered again with the Super Plant Tonic. The plant is looking great at this point with 4 or 5 nodes, but I think this is where I messed up and my troubles began. I think I should've just gave plain water(CaMg+ @180-200ppm), perhaps(?), instead of more Super Plant Tonic. The plant was looking so beautiful, though. I thought it'd be ok.

3 days later on 9/11 I determined that the plant needed to be watered again. Now I know, I probably should've just given her the lite CaMg+ H2O, but what did I do? Well decided that she was ready for FULL strength nutes! I gave her the Grow It Green mixed at full strength pH'd to 6.8

The very next day on 9/12, I noticed that the bottom-most leaves were starting to yellow a bit. While inspecting those leaves up close, I noticed the roots were growing out of the bottom of the pot. Since I didn't want her to become root bound, I decided to transplant her into her finishing 7gal fabric pot.

On 9/13, I repotted her. I put about a 1"-1.5" layer of hydroton clay balls in the bottom of the 7gal pot. Then I added my soil(less)mix on top. This time the mix was wet with full strength Super Plant Tonic and Grow It Green.

Here it is after the transplant. It might be hard to see with this pic, but if you notice on the backside bottom of the plant you can see the yellow peeking through. You can also see it on the bottom leaf in front, but the backside was much worse

The top portion wasn't as yellow as it appears in this pic(must be lighting).

Well, the yellowing has since spread up the plant, with the first leaves affected now being crispy, curled and brown. In this next series of pics, I'll show how it's progressed up the plant. Some of these pics may be the same with the only difference being with and without the flash on. I didn't know if someone may be able to see certain details in one pic(flash) vs the other(non-flash)..

Full Plant View with Flash

Without Flash

Now, I will start to work my way up the plant, starting from the bottom. This was the first leaf affected and is currently in the worst shape.

This leaf is directly opposite the worst leaf.

Next node up with Flash

Without Flash

Opposite side

Next node up

Opposite side

Next node up

In this next series, I'm trying to show the tops of the new growth. The tips of the leaves are turning brownish-purple-ish. Following is various pics with and without flash.

Whole Plant View

Side View

FYI, here is how I keep the light


At this point, the plant had stopped growing. Worried about nute burn on 9/16 I flushed with a gallon of H2O mixed with CaMg+ @160ppm pH'd to 6.7. I then tested the pH of the runoff water and to my surprise it measured 7.8! Using a formula I found somewhere else, I determined that the pH of the soil(less)mix is around 8.25. Then I did something and figured that if I flushed with some H2O(w/CaMg+) pH'd to 5.4 that the runoff should be in the 6.5 range. I mixed up another gallon, this time pH'd to 5.4 and flushed it through. The runoff pH now measured 7.7. I did not want to overwater, so I decided to leave it be and see what happens. I'm just very confused, because it's showing multiple symptoms of nute burn and several deficiencies. At first, I thought it was for sure nute burn, since I'd never done a water flush up until 9/16. Now, after testing the runoff, I think it may be nute lockout due to my wonky pH levels. If anyone has any clues/advice, I'd sure appreciate it.... I planned on topping it, then FIMing the tops, waiting a couple of days, then switching to 18/6 light cycle for a couple more days, then put her into the big tent and under a 600W MH to start the scrog. I planned on cloning the cut off top portion of the plant to keep as a mother plant. I also planned on cloning other cuttings off of this plant, as she needs to be cleaned up. Now this happened... It seems like I had a couple of more questions, but I'm drawing a blank now.. Should I start to cut off the dead crispy leaves? On the leaves that just have crispy edges, should I cut off just the crispy bits? How?

If anyone is using 7gal FABRIC pots, how often do you find your self watering/feeding? I know that depends on many factors like the soil, temps, light, the strain, the size of the plant etc., but if anyone that reads this thinks that their situation is similar or can pertain to me; I'd love to hear it. Thank you.

Here are the latest pics as of 9/19 night time.. Nothing has been done to her since the flush on 9/16... She has also started growing(vertically) again.... All these pics are CLICKABLE to enlarge...

Sorry for making such a monster post, but I really need this plant to pull through. Any and all help/advice would be greatly appreciated. If anyone has any topping, FIM or scrog tips, I'd love to hear them too. I will leave you with pics/info on the other 2 parts to this organic nutrient system that I'm using and an email "FAQ". I am very much looking forward to getting some advice and suggestions! Thank you in advance to anyone that can or tries to help out!!! I really appreciate it! Have a great, safe weekend!!!

This is the Flower Power used for budding....

This is the Foliar Harmony for foliar feeding...

Here is the email "FAQ", don't quite remember where I saved this from...

Thanks again!!!
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Re: Please HELP a first time grower! I'm panicking... You're too kind!!

Wish I could help you more, maybe this will help some.



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Re: Please HELP a first time grower! I'm panicking... You're too kind!!

Do you have any Cal-Mag?


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Re: Please HELP a first time grower! I'm panicking... You're too kind!!

The nutrients appear to have expired over 3 years ago.

It looks like nutrient burn to me. And a touch of deficiencies.

Correct your PH first. Don't do anything else until your PH is stable. Do you have a way to directly test the medium's PH?
Typically soil PH should be 6.3-6.8, and hydro (and coco) should be 5.5-6.1.
I'm not sure how to treat yours, as it appears to be a soil/coco blend. To be safe, I'd PH to 6.5 to start.

Full strength nutes shouldn't be used for a while. You started feeding full strength nutes at day 16, and I typically don't use ANY nutes until day 21-28. Way too soon for all of that.

Watering in a pot that large, depending on ventilation, drainage, and plant uptake, should fall between 4-9 days between waterings. The top of the soil should look COMPLETELY dry before you even consider watering. But even then, the soil inside the pot will still hold moisture, so the plant doesn't need water yet. Cannabis should be watered in an ebb/flow system. 1 good watering, then nothing for days to let it dry out. The pot should feel light when you lift it, then you know it's time to water. If the leaves start to wilt, you waited too long, water the plant as normal, it'll perk back up, and reduce time between waterings by 1 day.

Minimizing wilting is helpful, as it will limit the stress that the plant experiences.


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Re: Please HELP a first time grower! I'm panicking... You're too kind!!

Thanks for the replies!

MaPilot- Thank you for the chart, and yes I'm using General Organics CaMg+

Antics- Thank you for the info! Those pics of the nutes I'm using are just "stock footage", not my specific bottles. My batch was produced in Feb 2014(my packaging looks different too, bottles are now white instead of clear). Thanks for taking the time to check out my pics. I actually don't have a soil pH tester. I've read that the soil pH meters are not very reliable, so I just use a digital pH meter to test the runoff water. It is one of those cheap yellow "ebay" pH testers. I have a 7.0 pH calibration fluid that I use to make sure the meter is still accurate before each use. To my surprise, I've only had to do the initial calibration. I store it in a cup of the 7.0 pH solution(I also rinse it off with distilled H2O everytime before using or storing). It has held true, since the first calibration(not bad for $13). If you happen to know of a good accurate soil pH meter, please let me know... When I flushed it on 9/16, I watered in H2O pH'd to 5.4. The resulting runoff measured 7.7, ouch. I thought that adding the cup of dolomite lime would stabilize my soil pH to around 7(I mixed in the lime to the soil from the begining, I added it to hopefully avoid any pH issues)... Should I mix up some dolomite lime powder in H2O, then water with that to lower the pH next time she needs to be watered? If so, how much dolomite lime per gallon of H2O??? Or should I just keep flushing with water pH'd to 6.5 until it lowers? Should I be flushing with just STRAIGHT RO H2O(pH'd to 6.5), or should I continue to add a weak solution(120ppm) of CaMg+ to my "flushing" H2O??? Also, if you have any tips on topping/FIM'ing, I'd love to hear them too.

Thanks again for the help, I do appreciate it!! Hope everyone has a fun, safe weekend!!

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to me though if your using the fax farm ocean forrest u should have just used water for the first month untill u started to see a little yellowing
also add the cal mag first to the water before u mix in the nutes
are u ph ing with a pen or liquid drops?
also seems the ppm is low and the ph is high. if thats the case u can feed it nutes all day and it cant take them in .

a 7 gl pot requires a massive flush with allot of water .

i say go get u a cheap 3 part simple nutrient like gh flora series
flush the hell out of her then let her dry up pretty good and then start with 1\2 or 1\4 nute cycle
also pick u up some dolimite lime and top dress your plants with it before u feed them it will mix in the soil and help balance the ph once u get it back in range .


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Sorry I can't help with the lime question.. I'm using PH down myself.

In my grows, I do this:
Test soil PH. It's usually 7.0-7.5 by the time I have to water, so I PH my water/nutes to 6.5, and then a little lower to compensate for the difference above 6.5. So if my soil shows 7.0, for example, I PH my water/nutes to 6.0. I just do this for every watering/feeding, and it hasn't failed me yet. 3+ ounces from 2 plants grown by CFLs has me happy with the results so far.

It may not be the best way, but it's working for me, and I'm not going to change anything until I'm ready to step into a more complex level of growing.
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