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Please help - Aquaponics watering schedule?

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I'm setting up a aquaponics set up on top of my 75 gal fish tank. I got a pvc pipe at an angle with a spray bar that sprays down into the pots (with clay pebbles) and instantly drains back into the fish tank. My only question is what kind of on/off watering schedule should I use for optimum root/plant health?
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I would look into aquaponics a little more. There are alot of different methods. One issue with growing flowering plants in aquaponics is the nitrogen levels can be high through the bloom cycle.
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Thanks, I'll look into that. But back to my original question, do you know what kind of watering schedule I should use? I got a timer on my pump and I just need to know what kind of on/off schedule I should use for my particular set up. Like 15 min on 45 min off?


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If the roots will be hanging in water all the time, then watering from over top can minimal, but if the roots will be exposed to the air between waterings (or before the roots come out of the net pots), then 15on/15off should do it. If your water is aerated enough, then you can leave the water on constantly. Most people use the 15on/15off to save electricity.

If it's an ebb and flow system, then just use a standard hydro ebb and flow time cycle (like 15min every hour, or 15min every 30min, something like that)

Make to to test your ammonia levels in aquaponics too.
I continuously cycle my water, specifically for the sake of my fish (brook&rainbow trout). My Nitrates never get high enough to effect the taste of my bud.