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Please help! Black spots!


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Hi I really need some help first time grower. The leaves on my plant are turning yellow from the bottom up, and there are black spots on the leaves that i CAN take off with my nails. Does anyone know what this is? and is there a low budget way to help this issue? here is a photo.


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food type i have been using miracle gro, growing outside, im in vancouver bc, and the dirt is organic with those small white plant food in it and wood chips all mixed in. PH level I cant test because due to basically no money, i wanted to grow my own because i cant afford to keep myself in supply.

PS I meant to say the black spots DO come of with my nail!


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Good place to grow. :) are the black sports putting holes in the leafs or just sitting on top? Could be a pest problem and I won't be able to help you there seeing as I do mostly indoor and don't have pests, but As for the yellow leafs, do u have a better pic of the whole plant? And I have hard of ppl spraying with dish soap and water to kill off bugs. But do some research.


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the bottom leaves that are yellow are curling, i was wondering if it could be an over watering issue? its been hot lately so i have been watering it everyday so that water runs out of the bottom. and yes i will take a picture of the other leaves. the spots can be wiped off, and i did find a white bug on the underside of one of the leaves that flied away.




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Just from looking I would say she is needing food. She is using what she has stored in the leaves. How often and how much to you feed her? And what water to you use? Tap or bottled? Ph going in could cause her to lock out new nutes , so adding more won't fix it till the ph is under control. If that's a possible problem. Let me know these other details and I'll get back to ya.


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ive been using tap water, and i've been scared of over feeding her. i'll start feeding it more, i am most likely not feeding it enough maybe once every week/week and a half.


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I will share a few changes I would make that will make your summers work worth it. Miracle grow is a no no when it comes to cannabis, the stuff you got won't do you well when it comes to flower time, and the end product never turns out as good as other food.
I would go to your grow store or hardware store, and get some ph test strips( cheap) and some ph adjusters ( cheap). Buy RO water, I would just get the big blue water jugs filled for 2$.
At this point you have clean water with no other junk in it. Tap water can cause problems.
Now test it for ph , I'll leave u a chart.
And the last this I would do of your on a budget is tomato food. I used a 9-11-11 tomato food. Or something close.
And mix at half what the bottle says to start and see how she takes it.
Just let your soil dry up a bit before dewatering and you will be fine. Over watering happens when u don't let the roots dry out and keep soil wet for days with no dry time.
I did just what you are doing when I started years ago and I wish some one told me all this.
Hope it helps friend


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Measure PH before giving nutrients.

If your PH is too high or too low, it locks out nutrients, making the plant act like it needs nutes. Without first testing the PH, you then feed nutes, which can cause massive nutrient burn and can kill the plant.

You can buy a cheap analog meter that tests lux, moisture, and PH for a few dollars. Being able to test PH is crucial to a successful grow.

Without knowing your PH, there's no way to take action safely.

You can spend $5-$10 on the meter now...

Or you'll have to spend $10, $20, $60, $80, $120 etc.. on Cannabis later on if the grow doesn't work out.
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