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Hello! I live on Hungary,on Budapest, the mountain!Hungary the is spread down between 46 and 48 latitudes !I would like to ask help,that the successors when let me plant it,when I may put them into foil house concerned?greenhouse ????

Hawaian Snow
White Berry
Sativa Spirit
Swiss Bliss


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in the mountains in hungary i suggest you follow your local paprika pepper gardeners young plants are tender and the times for putting plants outside are determined by your last frost

when it is warmer than 5-10 % C. at night all the time most
non tropical varieties can go outdoors

ways to grow longer outdoors include greenhouse // cold frame=
smalll greenhouse under 1 meter tall/// cloche; wallof water //
floating plastic crop covers

easiest for someone new a cold frame with electric soil heating tape

you should not pit plants outside before the spring equinox [march 21 ] the day length is too short


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It would be asked yet! India's gift is for me book ,and I read in it that the normal blooming is good then,if the 5. is the 6. in 7. month happened, and the sowing period April,planting more piece Júliús. I read it that the plants tolerate it well the freezing-point neighbourhood temperature!after all we the border?which one when I shall plant it out? how much the maximum warmth, which is tolerated,?


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