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Please help! huge problems in DWC

bipolar bear

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Hey, got massive problem in flowering room. I have planted in DWC 50 clones from my Power Plant mother

They were 2 weeks old, rooted and seemed to be happy in veg. Than i moved to flower room:
-63L black boxes
-well aired water with bubblers
-water temp 20C / 68F
-air temp 27C / 81F
-Ph of water 5.8
-EC - 1.3-1.4 (650-700ppm)

-CANNA Aqua Flores A+B
-PK 13/14
-little bit of Rhizotonic

The leafs are getting burns, the plants almost stopped growing, nearly no flowers after 3 weeks. I guess it might be some problems with Magnesium, but not sure.

Please help!!!

bipolar bear

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Anyone, please?

I'm just about to take new clones and to start everything all over, but still no idea what i'm doing wrong. Don't want to end up in month or so in exact the same place.



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need root pic's and closer leaf pictures,please

In my world,those are not clones,but small plants,I wonder if the root system,just isnt big enough/strong enough to support what your doing

bipolar bear

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Well the roots ain't crisp white (except two plants that stayed dark green after coming to flow; weirdly all are from same mother), but then they're not mouldy as well. I guess creamy is the appropriate word. Clones while in veg were dark green with normal leafs. Right now the leafs are extremely thin and they look like lacking potassium - starts burning from tips and quickly whole leaf dies. After 4 days of flowering stage I could already see something is wrong.


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I don't really know what to tell you other than I would put them back on a veg to correct the problem. Do a peroxide soak every week you will start to see nice new root growth after a week or so plant will start to get a little bushy. From your pics I think there lacking some N too you should be able to save all of them. I'm not sure if you could correct this in flower you seem to be lacking or overlooking something. If I was you I would try putting them back to veg. Try Peytons an friends playground I think it's in my sig theres a few on there that can help with some ideas too .
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